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Kazharitrarivar (Cheraman Perumal) Nayanar - Part-I


In the Kerala famous for its giant elephants with long sharp tusks was the ancient chEra kingdom situated. The city holified withthiruvanychaikkaLam the abode of the Lord on the bull was the capital of the kingdom called koduN^kOLUr. Above the roar of the sea that sprinkles its water into that beautiful terrain, sounds the melody of various instruments that serve the musical thirst of those people. The mutts spread across the city spread the fragrance of the shaiva path. In that ancient capital of chEras because of the excess of austerity the family of chErAs and this world did perumAkkOdhaiyAr was born. He grew for growing the love of saivism in the world. His only intention being involving himself in the thoughts of the Golden dancing feet, he did not bother to take up the rightful royal throne but spent his days only in the service of the Lord of thiruvanychaikkaLam. Rising like the sun in the dawn always thinking the Supreme's glory would have a dip in the water and the dip in the holy Ash, from the temple bring the fresh, fragrant, blooming, colorful flowers to make lovely garlands for the Charming Lord, bring the water clean as his heart for the holy bathing of the God, clean the abode, wash the floors, do all the services required and sing His fame putting himself completely into it, he served the Lord who wears for His holy feet the flowers of His slaves' love.


Kazharitrarivar Nayanar - Kazharitrarivar (Cheraman Perumal) Nayanar - Part I

One day the virtuous king of the land cheN^kOR poRaiyan left the throne to lead and austerous life. The caring ministers of the royal throne after analyzing decided the best one to govern the empire would be perumAkkOdhaiyAr. When they went to him requesting to take up the royal crown, he felt it as a hindrance to the holy service he was doing and went to his King sitting in that abode to know His order. The Prime Lord blessed him to be the emperor of the state giving him the boons of His loveful worship, the power to know all the thoughts of anybody or anything (hence he is called kazaRiRRaRivAr), great valor and charity, army and carriers and others required for the king. On the day when the stars and planets were in auspicious positions the slave of the Lord was crowned the emperor of chEra kingdom. The king of impartial justice kazaRiRRaRivAr saluting Lord shiva at thiruvanychaikkaLam came on the royal elephant around the town with the privileged fanning him with veNchAmaram. A Washerman was coming in front of the procession. His body was covered in white lime. On seeing him n^AyanAr felt the form of the Ash smeared devotees and at once he got down from the elephant to salute the washerman with folded hands. The washerman shocked and shivering said, "I, your slave, am a washerman." The great wonderful king who stood on the peak of love replied, "I, the slave, chEra, your slave." He reminded the king of the holy form of devotees, n^AyanAr continued and asked the washerman to ahead with an undisturbed mind. The ministers and the people praised that emperor of devotion with folded hands. He reached the palace amidst the flower rain. Along with the other two emperors chOza, pANdiya the splendid chEra emperor ruled the land in the luminance of Holy Ash.

chEramAn perumAL started worshiping the Dancing Lord with holy anointing, floral decoration, fragrant sandal pasting, showing the smoke of pleasant smell, light salutations and food offerings. The Lord accepting his worship used to make sound from His golden leg anklet everyday. Getting His grace the chEra king ruling the kingdom with charity and justice did many rites that hail the Lord of bull flag. In the capital of pANdiya kingdom madhurai there was a musician by name baththiranAr The Charming Lord of beauty, the Hold of the slaves, wanted to shower gold and gems to the devotee baththiranAr driving away his poverty. He, whose fame can not be completed by even the goddess of speech, who is sung by the devotees to be blessed with materials to bliss, wrote a poem addressing the chEra king and gave it to the musician asking him to collect huge wealth from the chEra king. (This poem is the first one in the eleventh thirumuRai - AlavAyudaiyAr thirumukappAchuram). baththiranAr hailing the saN^ga Poet who blessed him with that song went to chEramAn perumAL. On hearing the news n^AyanAr with his folded hand kept on the head, tears of joy wetting his cheeks and the floor, the body shivering in excitement came running all the way through his palace to fall and hold the feet of baththiranAr. The musician gave the letter of God in all salutations to the emperor. The blessed king who received a poem addressed to him by the Lord Himself lost the consciousness of the world, danced in ecstasy, words came stammering.

He respectfully took and read the poem. He ordered the ministers to stack all the precious material available in the exchequer. The ministers also sincerely brought and piled gems, gold and valuable materials. He showed the heaps to baththiranAr and requested him to accept those along with elephants, horses and his royal throne itself !! But the other devotee who was interested in singing the LordsOmasun^dharEshwara in the with the seven scales of music accepted only the things he required and pleaded him to take back the kingdom and the royal belongings. Taking the wealth he needed the musician proceeded towards madhurai on an elephant of giant tusks wishing good bye to the emperor who stood exemplifying friendliness. (This incident is narrated in thiruviLaiyAdaL purANam also (1) ). The chEra emperor continued his golden rule to the glory of His graceful feet. The other two emperors of the thamiz land chOza, pANdiyamaintained good relationship with him and the land was peaceful.

Kazarirrarivar Nayanar - Part II (Friendship with the Lord's friend)


chErar perumAn thozakkaNdu chindhai kalaNgi munvaNaNgi,       yAren RadiyE naikkoNda dhadiyEn adivaN NAn ennach,       chErar pirAnum adichchEran adiyEn enRu thirunIRRin,       vAra vEdam ninaippiththIr varundhA dhEgum enamozindhAr



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