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Kazharitrarivar Nayanar - part II (Friendship with the Lord's friend)

(Friendship with the Lord's friend)


In one of the days of his peaceful and prosperous governing of the chErA empire, he did the usual worship Lord who stood beyond the Universe with his flooding love. The Lord whose holy feet are not explored by even dhEvAs, who used to bless his sincere devotee kazaRiRRaRivAr with the dancing sound of His anklet everyday, delayed that sound that day for which n^AyanArs heart beat. The disappointed worshiper who had done flawless pUja completed the worship and took out his sword, put on his chest thinking what he erred in the worship. The Lord who stands in the front to protect His devotees immediately made him hear the enchanting sound of His anklets. The devotee throwing away the sword fell on the ground adoring and asked the Lord why the delay was. The Lord who puts on the hill the light of His humble devotees as beacons told him that He was involved in the song of unified heart of the devoteevanRoNdar(1) praising His holy dance. n^AyanAr wondered the Grace of the Lord for His devotees and developed immense love to salute the Dancing Feet at thillai and to meet that great devotee vaNRoNdar.

With his virtuous desire pushing he set off in his travel to thillai and ArUr. The ocean of his army and courtmen sending him off at the frontier the king went with the required attendants to thechOza kingdom. The holy devotees of the skull garlanded God welcoming the reverend king all through his way he went saluting the abodes of that Giver of boons. He bathed in the fresh flowing river kAviri and got out from its northern bank to reach in thillai. The loving devotee who went with a melting heart bowed down in front of the seven staged tower of the temple and saluted the Great Hall. He entered inside and went to Small Hall of the Lord who dances creating this cosmos. The heart and senses directed in devotion towards the Lord who dances even in the void and praised the Mercy that the nectar eating the poison and also gave the nectar of His dance for this world to rejoice. The king who donated even better than the rain bathed the Lord in the spring of his words with the ponvaNNaththu an^dhAdhi. The Gold like Lord gifted in return by making the dancing sound of His anklets. The king stayed in that holy place for quite some time in the unsaturated love for the King of dance.

With the love to meet the slave of the slaves of the Lord chun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr growing he left for thiruvArUr. He reached the thiruvArUR surrounded by the cool green paddy fields after saluting the many abodes of the Lord on the way including the chIrkAzi the birth place of saint thirunyAnachampan^dhar(2). That time chun^dharar had come back to thiruvArUr after getting the gems and precious gifts from the God at n^Agaik kArONam. chun^dharar on knowing the arrival of chEramAn went forward to welcome him. The chEra king saluted and the king of n^AvalUr - chun^dharar saluted back. With the love and budding true friendship putting them in joy they embraced each other as their souls embraced each others. chun^dharar held in happiness the palm of chEramAn and took him into the abode of the Supreme. Paying respect to the dhEvAchiriyan with the friend leading him chEramAn entered the holy altar, bowed down to his Lord. With the eyes sourcing the tears of devotion chEramAn perumAL sang the Lord thirumummaNikkOvai as chun^dharar hearing and enjoying that song of love. At chun^dharar's house chEramAn was given warm welcome by chun^dharar's loving wife paravaiyAr. The devotee of ArUr made ready an admirable feast for kazaRiRRaRivAr n^AyanAr. The king hesitated saluting the hospitality of chun^dharar, but chun^dharar pleaded him to accept his service. Praising His holy Feet that gave a desirable friendship the two kings of poems had the nice feast accepting the holy Ash on their forehead at the completion. They stayed in the coherent friendship for a many days saluting the Lord of thiruvArUr.

When the intention came in the mind of chun^dharar to worship the ancient abodes like madhurai, the chErA king unwilling to get separated from chun^dharar and also in the great love to salute and bow down to the Origin that sits in the madhurai that sent the song addressed to him through pANa bhaththirar, decided to accompany chun^dharar. The two marvelous devotees saluted the Lord at kIzvELUr, n^Agai kArONam and other abodes. They reached in thirumaRaikkAdu and praise the n^AyanmAr appar(3) and champan^dhar at the door they opened and closed respectively with their holy hymns. chun^dharar sang in his thiruppAttu and the chEra devotee sang in an an^dhAdhi the Lord worshipped by vEdhAs. Bowing down to the Lord at agaththiyAnpaLLi, kOdik kOyil they reached in the pANdiya kingdom.


Adoring the Lord at thiruppuththUr they entered the capital madhurai. The king of the pANdiya kingdom came forward welcoming the chEra king and the splendid saint chun^dharar with respect. Already the king of chOza empire was in madhurai to seek the marriage with the daughter of pANdiya. With the kings of all the three empires of the thamiz land coming with chun^dharar went to the ancient abode at madhurai to pray to the Lord - the One who supports the devotees in all their hardships. The chErA king was in all thanks and praises for the Unmeasurable Mercy of the Lord that addressed him, His slave, too in a verse. The pANdiya king hosted the chErA king and the renowned devotee of ArUr nicely in the palace. vaNRoNdar and the three kings who with their love and regards for each other grew peace in the thamiz land worshiped the Lord of this whole earth at thiruppUvaNam, thiruvAppanUr, thiruvEdakam, thirupparaN^kunRam residing at madhurai and saluting the Lord of AlavAy many times. With the other two kings taking leave to stay back the chEra king and the friend of the Lord continued their pilgrimage in the south pANdiya kingdom. They praised the Lord at many places including kuRRAlam, thirun^elvEli, thiruvirAmEchcharam. From thiruvirAmEchcharamitself they praised the Lord of kEdhIchcharam in SriLanka. They further continued in their holy journey hailing the Lord on whose matted hair the moon sits smiling, at thiruchchuziyal, kAnappEr, thiruppunavAyil and various abodes reaching the chOza kingdom back. Prostrating the Lord at pAmbaNi mAn^agar - pAdhALIchcharam and nearing abodes they reached in the rush of saluting the Lord at thiruvArUr. Saluting the Cure for the bonds there the chErA king stayed many days there in the hospitality of the chun^dharar couple.


The chErA king kept pleading to his lovely friend chun^dharar to come with him to visit the chEra kingdom. When he agreed with his loving wife's agreement they started their travel towards the west. They praised the Lord with the skull in hand's thirukkaNdiyUr and saw on the northern bank the River flowing Matted Hair Lord's thiruvaiyARu. With his love peaking to salute the Bliss at thiruvaiyARu chEramAn perumAl wanted to salute at that attracting abode. The river kAviri was flooding in the middle then giving no possibility of any boats crossing it. chun^dharar sang in the converging mind and melting heart the God and by His peerless Grace there appeared a path in the middle of kAviri dry and sandy ! They went in that path thrilled to thank and think the Lord of five streams at the thiruvaiyARu abode. They returned back through the path bathing the Lord in their love and once they reached back the southern bank the river started flowing normally ! Praising the Lord at many abodes they passed through the koN^gu n^Adu to reach in the chEra empire. The citizens blessed with such a marvelous king came all their way as mammoth crowd with banners and bouquets to welcome the friend of the Lord and their beloved king. Sitting over that flood the two devotees reached koduN^kOLUr.

The king did not first go to his giant palace but took the beloved friend to worship the Lord shiva who danced in his heart staying at thiruvanychaikkaLam. chun^dharar sang in praise of the God at that holy abode starting mudippadhu gaN^gai. Saluting the Lord in love they left the temple. The king first helping chun^dharar perumAn to climb on the elephant and then he too sitting in the back went all the way through his capital fanning chun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr with chAmaram with the people praising the humbleness and service of chEramAn perumAL, their devotion and the marvelous friendship. They reached in the royal palace. The king humble and great made chun^dharar sit on the royal throne and went down to wash his feet with the scented water. chun^dharar who enjoyed saying he was the slave of the slaves of the Lord of ArUr was shocked at the chErA kings service and took back in a hurry his feet saying that was not right. The king of the land fell in his feet to accept the services. Unable to refute his pleading chun^dharar perumAn accepted the wonderful hospitality of the n^AyanAr and accepted the feast served by the king. chun^dharar stayed in the king's friendship that originated at the common love for the pashupati for a long time. chun^dharar out of his magnificent love for the Lord of thiruvArUr unable to forget the Lord of that abode wanted to leave for thiruvArUr. The king unable to bear his separation went behind him saying the kingdom was chun^dharars and what he wanted was his feet and the salutations for the Lord of thiruvArUr. But chun^dharar convinced him to stay back for the governing the kingdom in the path of peace and prosperity. The king sent him off in inseparable love wihiruvArUr. But chun^dharar convinced him to stay back for the governing the kingdom in the path of peace and prosperity. The king sent him off in inseparable love with huge heaps of gems and wealth. chun^dharar went back on his way to thiruvArUr and the humble splendid chErA king ruled the kingdom with justice.

kazaRiRRaRivAr n^AyanAr - part III (The Big Boon)


thozudhu thiLaiththup puRampOn^dhu thOnRap paNNum pidimERpAr ,
     muzudhum Eththa n^ambiyaimun bERRip pinbu thAmERip ,
     pazudhil maNichchA maraivIchip paimpon maNimA Likaiyilvarum ,
     pozudhu maRugil irupudaiyum midain^dhAr vAzththip pukalkinRAr



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