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Thirugnanachampandha Nayanar - Part-I (Miraculous milk and cymbals)

While all the other children in the world cry to get their needs, one child cried to get the Parent of the world; while other children were in the complete dependence on their parents, this child elucidated to all the people the independence from worldly bonds; while others' fumbling speech gave happiness to their parents, it with its flowing fascinating words made splendid hymns those make the entire world - whoever is blessed with interest - blissful; while others were directed by the elders what to do and what not, it, elder in knowledge, kindled a huge population not only its contemporaries but people for so many centuries to meditate on the marvelous luminous mahEsha ; It lighted the hearts with the vEdic knowledge and shaivite philosophy driving away the half-cooked faiths; It was a container of the unlearnt knowledge of the Truth; It was saluted by great scholars and elderly people; It was an outstanding prodigy. Let the highly graceful God forgive for calling that reverend exclaimable devotee thirunyAnachampan^dhar perumAn - the child of God as it.


Thirugnanachampandha Nayanar - Part-I (Miraculous milk and cymbals)

In the ancient chOza kingdom is the town chIrkAzi situated which was renowned with twelve names to adorn it and where the Lord with His consort gauri came on a boat to bless and reside during a deluge. That prospering land was blooming with flowers as well as floral tributing devotees by the brightness of whose smeared Holy ash the town was glowing even in the night like the day. With the seekers who offer the ghee at the yAga fire, it was fertile with palm trees whose ripe fruits like the ghee, flow through the leaves to flow into the fields red like fire with the lotus flowers. In that gracious town lived in the nice tradition of chanting vEdas belonging to kavuNiyar ancestry the blessed shivapAda hR^idayar whose great penance benefited the entire human community. His better half bhagavathiyAr was well matched in quality and love to him. He was worried for the ignorant world which forgetting the holy shaivam was lured in the religions that does not lead to obtaining the grace of God, enlightenment, liberation.


By the mercy that the Lord showed on this world he got a child with his wife that is a pearl of shaivam. The wonderful child was born to emphasize the truth of vEdas, uphold the discipline of sanAtana dharma, spread the fragrance of shaivam, centralize devotion in music, take the high philosophies of scriptures to the masses, show the world the grace of the Lord shiva thus putting it in peace and happiness. Happy at the good omans that beautified the time the good people of the town were celebrating the birth of the child. They did the first ten days rituals for the newly born kid as said in the holy texts. His father, the person having the feet of Lord in his heart, feeling unworthy of all other ornaments put the Holy ash as the protection mark on the child's forehead. The child grew up with the happiness of the kith and kin.


He was three years old when one morning he was adamantly crying to go with his father to the pond where he was going to take bath before doing the worship. Unable to convince the child he took him along to the pond. Seating him on a bank he went into the pond and did all the rituals saluting the Lord of thiruththONipuram . When he had a dip in the water, the child worried at not seeing his father cried loudly looking at the tower of the Lord of chIrkAzi "ammE appA" (mother! father !). The Parents of the Universe who are just love in wholesome, appeared on the Bull there. Giving a graceful look at the weeping child the compassionate Father told the Mother to feed the child with Her holy breast milk. Having blessed so by the Lord the caring Mother who gave birth to the worlds took the milk from Her breast in a golden bowl fed the child the milk with the knowledge of unexplorable shiva, sweeping the tears of the child. With the Parents of every creature thus blessing the child became the son of God and the admirable chivanyAna champan^dhar . He got the knowledge of prosperous thinking of the Asutoshas feet, the knowledge of liberation from the incarnation cycle, the knowledge of unparalleled art, the knowledge of the Truth in that situation. He rose realizing that 'everything is made by the Isha only' and the greatness of devotees, to smash the ego of the ignorants who think always self-centered.


The shivapAda hR^idayar after completing the rituals saw the young sun standing with great feeling. That honest disciplined father angrily asked, who gave him the milk food, and took a stick. Raising his leg, with the tears of unlimited joy surfacing in his eyes, with a hand pointing to the beautiful Lord with the pretty pArvati , beginning with the first vowel (o) of holy vEdas, starting to sing with the holy ear of the Lord that would hear and bless the hymn, he sang the thiruppadhikam - "thOdudaiya cheviyan" ( "One with ornated ear" ) stating that, "He is the Lord who did like this to me". In that thirup padhikan to indi'ate that even if the people who did mistakes, when surrender to God they would get His grace, he sang the blessing of God to the daemon rAvaNan when he sang pleasing music and saluted after being suppressed under the mount kailaash as a result of his egoful try to lift the mount. He showed that the Lord blesses only those who worship by saying the inability of brahmA and vishNu to reach the Lord as a bird and pig respectively when they tried trusting their own strength, but where blessed when after the disgusting failure, realizing the supremacy of Lord they tried to salute Him with love. He admonished the world about the religions -Jainism and Budhdhism, which without realizing the God take the self-centered philosophies that they would lead only to misery. He sang in the last hymn the fruit of praising the glory of God ( thiruk kadaik kAppu ).


Thirugnanachampandha Nayanar

The dEvas and heavenly people showered the rain of flowers. The sound hara echoed in the sky. Everywhere the praise of the Lord was heard. The Lord proceeded to His abode at thiruth thONipuram. Seeing the Thief who stole his heart going inside the abode the small magnificent child over the stream of eagerness and love followed. His blessed father though unable to see the Lord understood the grace of God and the happenings from the meaning of the hymns. He followed with excitement and love his wonderful child. The chanters of the vEdas who came there were astonished to note the event. Going to the abode where the Lord is with the consort on the boat the prodigy said that the Lord who blessed him was there with umA . When he started from the temple prostrating to the Lord his father took him on his shoulders. There was an ocean of devotees who praised their boon thirunyAnachampan^dhar who at the age of three having blessed recited remarkable songs. With the ruby like lips still wet with the nectar he ate that child of honey like words entered his home amongst the thunder of drums and shells. The night he spent completely reminiscing the Lord. In the next Sunrise he went to the temple to salute the Parents of thiruth thONipuram who poured the love on him.


He went in the eagerness to salute the Lord's abode thirukkOlakkA . He praised the Essence of the vEdas with the hymn madaiyil vALaikaL pAya . When he was singing the thirup padhikam clapping his tiny little hands, the kind Father caring for the bud like child of strong love gave a pair of golden cymbals(percussion plates) with His holy five letters engraved in it. Accepting His grace by his head the young great completed doing thiruk kadaik kAppu to the padhikam. The distinguished musicians of the heaven like thumburu, n^Aradhar praised the child. All the devotees saluted the blessed beacon like child. Unable to bear the young feet walking when he was returning back to chIrkAzi his father took him over his shoulders. He went to the temple of thiruth thONipuram to salute the Lord after reaching chIrkAzi. Then the mother who gave birth to that boon of the world, along with the devotees came and saluted her loving son - the saint thirunyAna champan^dhar. The entire town was pleased to salute and see the superior devotee.

எண்ணரிய சிவஞானத்து இன்னமுதம் குழைத்தருளி
உண்ணடிசில் என ஊட்ட உமையம்மை எதிர்நோக்கும்
கண்மலர்நீர் துடைத்தருளிக் கையில் பொற்கிண்ணம் அளித்து
அண்ணலை அங்கு அழுகைதீர்த்து அங்கணனார் அருள்புரிந்தார்

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