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chundharamUrthi nAyanAr - part II (vanRoNdar)


The jurist bench of thiruveNNain^allUr that made neutral judgements requested the Old man who won over n^ambiyArUrar to show his house in the town. The Lord who comes to enslave the devotees on His own, who had come in the form of an old man, asked them to follow; He entered thethiruvaruttuRai (abode of Grace) - the temple in thiruveNNain^allUr - and disappeared. chun^dharar and others were shocked. The Lord who played the drama appeared in the horizon on the Holy Bull and told that He came to rescue him as He had blessed earlier. He further told chun^dharar who was in the depth of humbleness and devotion that as he used harsh words against Him he would be praised as vanRoNdan and asked him to offer the worship by way of singing Him in sweet thamiz. The peerless devotee humbly worried, "Oh the Flawless ! The One who came to enslave the dog like me out of thy grace! What do I know and how could I sing you ?" The Three beautiful eyed Lord said that he called Him piththan(mad) and so he could sing starting with piththan. The chun^dharar of pleasent thamiz started singing piththA piRaichUdi in the melody in^dhaLam for this world to praise the Supreme in the words of love. The Lord ordered His loving devotee to keep singing Him. The girl of chadaN^gaviyAr with the thoughts of chun^dharar entered the shivalOka. chun^dharar went to thirun^AvalUr and sang the God of the divines there.

He travelled to thiruththuRaiyUr and praised the Lord shiva with the hymn requesting Him to bless with the discipline of austerity. In the love to salute the Dancing Lord at thillai he started the pilgrimage. On the way he reached thiruvadhikai crossing the river peNNai. Afraid to stamp on the land where the holy sage of Shaivism thirun^Avukkarachu n^AyanAr(1) lived, he stayed for the night in the chiththavada mutt in the outskirts. In the night the Lord who does not leave out His devotees came as an old man sleeping next to him in the inn and kept His Feet on chun^dharar's head. ArUrar got up and told the Oldman that His Feet were on his head. The Old man replied that it was because of His age that he didn't realise the directions(!). chun^dharar moved his head some distance away and lied there. There too the Oldman kept His Feet on his head and repeated for long. Great is the chaste heart of this devotee on whose head the Lord comes and puts His Holy Feet volentarily, for getting which the divines and sages long for ! ArUrar got irked by the Old man and shouted at Him who He is. The Lord who plays in each infinitesimal pieces of the Universe asked chun^dharar whether he had not realized Him and disappeared. The astounded chun^dharar sang the Grace of the Lord thiruvadhikai starting thammAnai aRiyAdha.

He worshiped the Lord with ga.nga on the Matted-hair in thirumANikkuzi, thinain^agar and reached the town revered in the hearts of devotees thillai. Crossing the lands fertile with banana and clove trees and the lands fertile with blooming flower creepers he reached in the land fertile with devotion and wroship of the Absolute Science. He entered the temple adorned with four towers on each side through the northern tower. Saluting the Lord's holy abode all through the way he worshiped pErambalam(the Great Hall) and then entered through the gate to worship the Lord who dances in the hearts of the devotees ever blissfully that thirurchchiRRambalam. With the hands kept in the posture of salutations over the head, the five senses becoming one in the vision, the four actors merging in the mind, the three characters changing into the pleasent satva he rejoiced in the Great play that the Moon crowned Lord dances to the limits of bliss. He bowed down, praised, saluted and sang that Immense Joy. By the grace of the God of dance there rose a voice asking chun^dharar to come to His ArUr.

As His blessing he left for ArUr. On the way he came to kazumalam where the young baecon of Shaivism thirunyAnachampan^dhar(2) was born thwarting the ignorance that had encircled. chun^dharar did not want to put his leg in that splendid town where champan^dhar was born. So he saluted from outskirts and moved ahead. The Lord of kazumalam appeared in the sky blessing the devotee. The sweet slave of the Lord saluted and sang the Graceful Lord of kazumalam. He praised the Lord at thirukkOlakkA, thiruppunkUr and many other abodes and reached in the banks of river kAviri. Crossing river Kaviri, worshiping the God at mayilAduthuRai, ambar mAkALam, thiruppukalUr n^ambiyArUrar reached in ArUr.

chun^dharamUrthi n^AyanAr - part III (thampirAn thOzar)

ain^dhupEr aRivum kaNkaLE koLLa aLapparum karaNaN^gaL n^Angum ,
     chin^dhaiyE Agak kuNam oru mUnRum thirun^dhuchAth thuvikamE Aga ,
     in^dhuvAz chadaiyAn Adum Anan^dha ellaiyil thanipperuN^ kUththin ,
     van^dhapEr inba veLLaththuL thiLaiththu mARilA makizchchiyin malarn^dhAr

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