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Chundharamurthi Nayanar - part III (thampirAn thOzar)


The Lord who gives Himself to the truly devoted came in the dreams of the devotees in thiruvArUr informing them to receive ArUrar who was coming to thiruvArUr. The devotees surprised at the Lord Himself ordering to receive a devotee and they felt the greatness of ArUrar. They welcomed him at the townlimits in a very grand manner with the houses and streets decorated to greet him with the warmth of their respect. ArUrar and the devotees of thiruvArUr saluted each other in reverence in a way difficult for one to judge who saluted first. The devotee who was enslaved by the Lord Himself sang saying whether the Lord of thiruvArUr would accept him too ! He went along with the ocean of devotees to the Lord's holy place thirumUlattAnam. He bowed down and prostrated again and again in the zeal of saluting the Lord who called and gave him the grace. When he was immersed in the emotion of devotion, the Supreme who is difficult to be explored science and knowledge and Who is simple when approached with devotion, told with the crowd of devotees listening, that He gave Himself as a companion for that true devotee and asked him to be in the fancy attire like the one he was in when the Lord stopped his wedding and to act as per his wishes in the world. The devotee rich in his heart bowed down humbly to the Lord praising His Glory.

The devotees started calling him from then on as thampirAn thOzar (the friend of our Lord). He was later mostly seen in the splendid robes, fragrant garlands, with the sweet odor of sandal and a golden staff in the hand like a king but in the heart humble devotion for the Supreme and Its devotees considering himself as their slave. He lived in thiruvArUr worshiping the Peerless Grace there.

Meanwhile kamalini one of the two attendants of shakti who fell in love with Alala sun^dharar was born in ArUr as paravaiyAr(2) in the tradition that wanders townless dancing in the abodes of God. Very beautiful in appearance, melodious in voice and matured in devotion towards the Blissful shiva shakti, she was just a marvel in all respects. One day when she was going to the temple along with the friends ArUrar was returning along with the devotees from the abode of the Lord inseparable from shakti. ArUrar saw the captivating charm of young paravaiyAr and lost his mind in her. With the cupid playing the game in between paravaiyAr also saw ArUrar and found it difficult to control the mind not to follow him. But still the love for Tender moon crowned Lord pushing she went inside the temple. ArUrar found from the accompanying devotees about her that she was of name paravai and was difficult for even divines to get. With the desire for her pulling he also went inside the temple. By then she had completed the worship and left. He was quite disappointed. With the lust for a chaste girl embossed in his mind which had always been directed towards His Glory, ArUrar could not sleep and was begging the Lord to get her. paravaiyAr found from her friends that ArUrar was a true splendid devotee of the Lord. Her passion for him grew and she too spent a sleepless night.

The Lord who had sent them to stage this show on the earth appeared in the dreams of the devotees of thiruvArUr and asked them to arrange the marriage of these two young sincere devotees. The two loving hearts garlanded to each other. The couple lived in the discipline of shiva bhakthi. One day when they went to the temple ArUrar saw the dEvAchiriyan hall that had the gathering of all marvelous devotees. Saluting the Glorious Feet of the Lord he lamented out of his yearning that when would he be a humble slave of those devotees ! The highly praised devotee who was humble out of sincere devotion saw the Lord appearing in front of him. He praised His holy Feet that resides as the Objective over the blooming lotus of the devotees' hearts, that are the supreme coveted Luminance. The Lord explicated the greatness of the devotees and asked ArUrar to join them saluting and singing their fame. The excellent devotee wondered in what respect he could praise those immensely great people ! The Lord who is the most lovable gave the first sentence as thillai vAz an^dhaNar tham adiyArkkum adiyEn (Am the slave of the slaves of the priests of thillai) and asked him to sing. n^ambiyArUrar sang the excellent masterpiece thiruth thoNdath thokai(1) saluting the splendid devotees of undiminishing valor mentioning many of their names and saluting the ensemble of devotees beyond the small circles of caste, creed, language and country. Great was his humbleness, marvelous was his work !

chundharamUrthi nAyanAr - part IV (vanappakai appar)

perumaiyAl thammai oppAr pENalAl emmaip peRRAr ,
     orumaiyAl ulagai velvAr UnamEl onRum illAr ,
     arumaiyAm n^ilaiyil n^inRAr anbinAl inbam ArvAr ,
     irumaiyuN^ kadan^dhu n^inRAr ivarain^I adaivAy enRu

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