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The History of Thiruneelakanda Yazhpanar

The town where Lord muruga worshiped the Black-Throated Lord - thiru erukkaththam puliyUr(1) was the town of this great musician thirun^IlakaNtar. He brought the sound of animals, chirp of birds, rhythm of rivers and song of trees in his classical string instrument called yAz. He was called yAzpANar(yAz musician). He mastering the play on the instrument praised as one of the best instruments in the ancient thamiz literatures, devoted his music to that music loving mR^ityuJNjaya. He went to a lot of abodes in the chOza kingdom and anointed the Sound of praNavam with the honey of his music. He then arrived in the Lord's own kingdom - madhurai.

                                                                  Thiruneelakanda Yazhpanar Nayanar - The History of Thiruneelakanda Yazhpanar Nayanar

Tuning the instrument and with the mind tuned to praise the limitless fame of the Lord of thiruAlavAy, he opened the dam of his music at the entrance of the temple that immersed the Lord of that abode. He played the tunes that suit the timings with a proficiency unique in nature. The Lord who gave the three thamiz, pleased by the euphonic worship of yAzpANar ordered to all the devotees of the town in their dream to bring him to the altar. Welcomed by the devotees the master of yAz went to the presence of the Master of all music. Realising the service he should do the splendid musician played out his ecstatic expression of worshiping the Lord in the blessed instrument. He sang the Lord's holy deeds of dancing in bliss with the praise of Universal bodies, destruction of three cities, demolishion of the ignorance in His presence, Giganticity which was unmeasurable for hari and ayan, Simplicity that blesses easily one who surrenders - in his sakOtayAz.


Enjoying the dedication of the devotee, by the blessing of God there arose a voice to ask the devotees to place a short bench for him so that the wonderful instrument does not get affected from the chilness of the earth. The devotees placed humbly the bench on which the musician who propitiated the Lord sat along with his instrument to serve the Lord shiva with his superior spring of music.(2) Then praising the Lord of mEru bow in many abodes he reached thiruvArUr. He sang the Its Grace that is much superior than even the love of mother and the which kicked even the death to bless the surenderred, at the entarnce. He got the way through the northern gate into the abode for his enchanting music of devotion. He prostrated to the thirumUlattAnar and did his service in the stimulation. Performing in His ArUr for many days he proceeded through many holy places to reach in chIrkAzi. Impressed by the marvelous hymns of the child who called pArvati - paramEshvara to quench its thirst of knowledge, he stayed with that prodigy thirunyAnachampan^dhar(3). He accompanied by his wife used to play champan^dhar's words of wisdom saluting his devotion in his heart stealing music with complete dedication. They followed the saint like his hymns wherever he went for the rest of their life. They along with champan^dhar got the place under the Greatest Musician's feet in the place perumaNam. Let n^IlakaNda yAzpAnar's service in composing very nice music for the Sound bodied Lord's praises stay in the mind.

                                                                   thiripura meriththa vARum thErmichai n^inRa vARum ,	 kariyinai yuriththa vARum kAmanaik kAyndha vARum ,	 ariayaR kariya vARum adiyavark keLiya vARum ,	 parivinAR pAdak kEttup paramanAr aruLinAlE

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