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The History of Somasi (Somayaji) Mara Nayanar


      Somasi (Somayaji) Mara Nayanar - The History of Somasi (Somayaji) Mara Nayanar

The town ambar where the chanting of vEdhAs were heard not only in the houses of chanters but also in the pleasant green gardens around the village because of the parrots that repeat the chanting, there n^AyanAr was born in the vEdhAs chanting tradition. Kept the Flawless Feet of the Lord who ripped apart the fierce elephant in his mind bathing in the stream of his pure love. Whenever the devotees of Tiger-skin cladded Lord came he was pleased to salute and serve them nice food. The fruit of performing the holy sacrifices that are aimed at praising the Lord of musical Goddess umA is to hail the holy feet of the Lord who owns us, was his feeling. Irrespective of who it was, if a person had love for the Mercy that held the terrific poison that threatened the existence of the worlds as a small stain in the throat, n^AyanAr would prostrate to him or her as his Lord. He stood for the principle of chanting the Holy Five Letters of the Lord that cleanses the thoughts leading to bliss. The Lord of various sacrificial rites with His consort the Mother of these worlds stood in his mind accepting his multifold worship.

He went to the Lord of Justice who has the holy water flowing through His shining matted Hair, His thiruvArUr. He worshipping Lord shiva, resided there in the friendship of chun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr (1) saluting that great saint. chOmAchi mARa n^AyanAr who stood removed the flaws of the mind stayed praising the saint chun^dharar. He stayed finally in the bliss of shivalOka. Let the love for Holy Five Letters and the devotees of the Lord that chOmAchi mARa n^AyanAr grew stay in the mind.

                                                                 eththanmaiya rAyinum Ichanuk kanbar enRAl ,     aththanmaiyar thAmnammai yALbavar enRu koLvAr ,     chiththantheLi yachchivan anychezuth thOdhum vAymai ,     niththanniya mam enap pORRum neRiyil ninRAr


upamanyu bhaktavilAsam adds that chOmAci mARa n^AyanAr worshipped God through sAmavEdham. At thiruvarUr, in the fire rite he performed, chun^dharar perumAn prayed and Lord shiva appeared there to be seen by these great devotees.

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