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The Puranam of Somasi Maara Nayanar


(sOmAsi mARa nAyanAr purANam - Periyapuranam as English poetry)

        “I am a serviteur of Somaasi Maaran of Tiruambar” 
                           - The Tiru-th-Tonda-th-Tokai. 
1.     In Tiruambar rich in gardens where mangoes thrive, 
    He hailed from the clan of the holy practitioners 
    Of the Vedas; he was lofty in his disposition; if devotees 
    Of the Lord who burnt the triple hostile citadels 
    Came to him, he would fall at their feet 
    And treat them to sumptuous feast.                (3630) 
2.     He was convinced that beatitude flowed out 
    Of the performance of the yaaga for the Lord— 
    Concorporate with His Consort whose speech is 
    Tuneful like the yaazh--, 
    In he way befitting the rules of the scriptures, 
    And without deviation, for the delight of all the seven worlds, 
    And that everlasting life is attained 
    By hailing the flower-feet of the Lord.                (3631) 
3.     “What though their nature be, if yet they be 
    The serviteurs of the Lord, they would, as of right, 
    Be entitled to rule us!” Such was his conviction. 
    “The daily duty is to chant in truth the Panchaakshara 
    Of Siva for the clarification of the mind-heart.” 
    He stood poised in this, his way.                (3632) 


Somasi Maara Nayanar - The Puranam of Somasi Maara Nayanar


4.     He reached Tiruvaaroor of great glory and wealth, 
    Gained the celebrated friendship of Van-tondar, 
    The devotee who wore garlands on his chest 
    And was close to the Lord in his servitorship, 
    And abode with him holding as his sole prop 
    Van-Tondar’s feet, hailed by heaven and earth.            (3633) 
5.     He triumphed over the five senses and flaws 
    That are six; firmly convinced that Saivism is 
    That which lights the way on earth, he adored 
    The feet of Van-tondar and came to be blessed 
    By an especial beatitude; thus he reached 
    Aeviternal Siva-loka and was with bliss blessed.        (3634) 
6.     In Otriyoor dight with fields and tanks, the Lord 
    Concorporate with his inseparable Consort Uma 
    Made His companion gain in wedding Sangkiliyaar 
    Of round breasts and soft and bamboo-like arms. 
    His feet alone are truly our refuge.                (3635) 
Verse No. 
   1.    Tiruambar: This is not Innambar as suggested by Sivakkavi Mani  
    C.K. Subramaniya Mudaliyaar.  The good Homer sometimes nods. 
    This Puranam is in five verses.  St. Sekkizhaar does not refer  
    to this naayanaar by his name.  He is called Somaasi which is a  
    corruption of Somayaagi.  Somayaagi is one who performs a  
    particular type of yaaga pleasing to Siva. 
        Here ends the Puranam of Somaasi Maara Naayanaar 

Sincere thanks to Sri. T N Ramachandran of thanjavur, for permitting his English rendering of the holy text periyapurANam be published here.

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