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The History of Thiru-Ninra-cheer Nedumara Nayanar


It is possible that because of ignorance, lack of opportunity and various other factors one happens to fall in the life. But the come back of those people to the glory by some kindling factor is something marvelous. Such a sincere person gets reverence and fame among all others and is respected a lot in history. The king who came in the lunar tradition of pANdiyas who ruled from madhurai was n^edumARanAr. The king who was called kUnpANdiyan because of the hunch he had in the back was swayed away into immatured philosophies. He was following the Jainism. The king whose heat-disease the result of the bad ruling was cured by the splendid prodigy saint thirunyAnachampan^dhar (1), so was his hunched back got cured and straightened, so was his mind and kingdom cured and straightened in the discipline of shaivam. He became the n^inRachIr n^edumARa n^AyanAr (n^edumARar who stood perfect) by the prayer of his wonderful better half Queen maN^gaiyarkkarachiyAr (2) and caring minister kulachchiRaiyAr (3), the grace of the young beacon of shaivam and the blessings of the Charming God.

                                                         Thiru-Ninra-cheer Nedumara Nayanar - The History of Thiru-Ninra-cheer Nedumara Nayanar

The Sun rose in the kingdom that day marking the end of an age of darkness of that thamiz land. The great and giant temple of the Banyan seated Lord throughout the land were in a glorious period with the enlightened people along with the king participating eagerly in it. The land stood up back in the history. During his time the kings from the north came with a big ocean of army to fight a war. In the battlefield of thirun^elvEli the valorous king was victorious driving away the enemies along with their vengeance, in a fight that entered the history. Magnificent in power, merciful in ruling, mind full with salutations to the mahEsha, the mister of the great lady maN^gaiyarkkarachiyAr lived long governing the empire in the glory of Lord shiva. As he entered the hearts of the seekers he entered the state of the Lord in His service. Let the glorious come back of the historic pANdiya king n^inRachIr n^edumARa n^AyanAr stay in the mind.

புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-2 - ஆலவாய் எழுந்தருளியது.




புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-3 - பாண்டியன் சுரம் தீர்த்தது.




புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-4 - ஆலவாய் வெற்றி.



                                                     annALil ALudaiya piLLaiyAr aruLAlE ,     thennAdu chivamperukach cheNkOl uyth thaRamaLiththuch ,     chonnAma neRipORRich churarnagarkkOn thanaikkoNda ,     ponnAram aNimArbiR puravalanAr polikinRAr

Gurupujai : Aippasi - Bharani

Birth place of Thiru-Ninracheer Nedumara Nayanar

Thiru-Ninracheer Nedumara Nayanar puranam in English Poetry

திருநின்றசீர் நெடுமாற நாயனார் புராணம் - செய்யுள்

திருநின்றசீர் நெடுமாற நாயனார் புராணம் உரைநடை

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