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The History of Kulachirai Nayanar

kulachchiRaiyAr was born to raise the name and fame of the village maNamERkudi, which raised the crops in its fields to treat the worst of all illness - the hunger. It was in the pANdiya kingdom.

                                                                  Kulachirai Nayanar - The History of Kulachirai Nayanar

His intelligence and immunity to dishonesty, false praise and unholy activities impressed the pANdya king n^edumARan and the king made him the prime minister in his court. Though the king was valorous under his rule shaivam and the devotees had troubles from jainism as the king was a follower of jainism. In spite of that kulachchiRaiyAr practiced the shaivam faith without any hesitation. He was an ardent devotee of the Lord sun^dhrEshvarar in Madhurai. He, being the prime minister who should guide the king in the right path, was worried on the atrocities of jainism in the pANdiya kingdom and was looking forward eagerly for a solution to that.

புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-2 - ஆலவாய் எழுந்தருளியது.



He welcomed, wished, prostrated and was humble and honey like in his expressions to anybody who has the love for the Lord. Irrespective of their social background (tradition), irrespective their status, irrespective of the fact whether they follow their tradition or not, if they have in their thoughts the kind paramEshwarar, then kulachchiRaiyAr would do any service to those devotees to their satisfaction and above their expectations. If the devotees come alone or in group he fell in their feet and made them feel as if they are in a oasis. Let them be praised by the world as genius or mocked as ignorants, praised for helpfulness or mocked for horrifying others, if they smear the body with the holy ash and the mind with the Holy five letters then he worshiped them offering the delicacy of his love. The devotees used to have the feast at his house and his feast was his feeling of Lord Shiva. Everyday he was at this service and every minute he spent with the thinking of the Lord.

புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-3 - பாண்டியன் சுரம் தீர்த்தது.



He along with one other marvelous devotee maN^gaiyarkkarachiyAr (1) who was a boon given to the pANdiya kingdom by the chOza kingdom, who became the queen of the king n^edumARan. They who had the concern for the betterment of the king took many steps for the restoration of shaivam in the pANdiya kingdom. Their prayers brought the ganga - thirunyAna champandhar (2) and he made that land fertile with shaivam. kulachchiRaiyAr played a major role in purifying and guiding the mind of the king in the correct path of shaivam raising him from an ordinary king to n^inRachIr n^edumARa n^AyanAr (3) and he removed the darkness by replacing the jainism by the light of shaivam in pAndiya kingdom. He and his service is praised by thirunyAnachampan^dhar in the "maN^gaiyarkarachi" thiruppadhikam which he sang as soon as he entered the pANdiya kingdom. Let the faith in the path of shaivam that kulachchiRaiyAr had due to which even when the king, who was his best companion too, was against shaivam he stood by his principle of praying the Lord and his devotees and with which he lit again the lamp of shaivam in the kingdom stay in the mind.

புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-4 - ஆலவாய் வெற்றி.



                                                                             punna yaththaru kandharpoy nIkkavum ,     thennar nAdu thirunIRu pORRavum ,     mannu kAziyar vaLLalAr ponnadi ,     chenni chErththi makizndha chiRappinAr

Gurupujai : Avani - Anusham

Birth place of Kulachirai Nayanar

Kulacchirai Nayanar Puranam in English Poetry

குலச்சிறை நாயனார் புராணம் - செய்யுள்

குலச்சிறை நாயனார் புராணம் உரைநடை

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