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The history of Narasinga Munaiyaraiya Nayanar

n^arachiN^ga mnaiyaraiyar was the king of the state thirumunaippAdi where the great devotee chun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr who takes very much pride in reiterating that he is the slave of the slaves of the Three eyed Lord. The king was not fond of filling the exchequer crushing the citizens, but fond of filling the heart with the wealth of the love on the Rich Matted haired Lord and his devotees that does not search for flaws. The valorous and victorious king, the slave of the Lord with the triheaded spear, went all the ways possible and useful in serving the Moon crowned Lord's holy nice abodes. The hurdles that come in the way got the hurdles but never was his services to the Companionless Single Lord stopped. He would not even bother for his life in the work of the Lord who wears charmingly the horn of the boar.

                                                               Narasinga Munaiyaraiya Nayanar - The history of Narasinga Munaiyaraiya Nayanar

The Ganges flows from whose Universally spread matted hair, that Lord's holy day thiruvAdhirai (1), he celebrated every time in a grand manner with his great love flowing like that Ganges. He used to arrange for special wonderful worships in the temples and used to give more than hundred golden coins along with the nice feast for the devotees who come smeared in the Holy Ash. On one such thiruvAdhirai festival when he was donating to the disciplined devotees of the Lord dancing on the daemon, one person came smeared in Holy Ash with his body exhibiting the awkward symbols of lust showing indisciplined unchaste behaviors. All the people assembled over there moved away at his allergic sight, but the ruler of the state, our n^AyanAr, went with folded hands and received him. Though he was unchaste he was smeared in the sacred Ash that we devotees consider the holiest of the holy. The king, who could rule even the indisciplined one into the splendid discipline of Lord shiva by his great behavior, gave him double the amount of golden coins he gave to others. The king in saluting gesture told nice words to him and wished good-bye. In this way with the perfection of mind he did his service endlessly in his life and finally reached the Feet that are flawless, perfect and absolute. Let the grandness of vision with which n^arachiN^ga munaiyaraiya n^AyanAr served the devotees and worshipped the God stay in the mind.

                                                             immunaiyar perunthakaiyAr irundharachu purandhupOyth ,     themmunaikaL palakadandhu thINguneRip pANgakala ,     mummunainIL ilaichchUla mudhaRpadaiyAr thoNdupuri ,     ammunaivar adiadaivE arumperumpE  Rena adaivAr

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