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The History of mangayarkarasi Nayanar

There were two small firelets, which in presence of a huge storm destroyed a big dense forest of ignorance. They were the two lights who drove away the clouds of false philosophies for the shaivam Sun to shine again in the historic pANdiya kingdom. They were the queen of all womenfolk - queen maN^gaiyak^rkkarachiyAr and highly intelligent and caring minister for the king and kingdom - kulachchiRaiyAr (2).

                                                                  Mangaiyarkkarasi Nayanar - The History of Mangaiyarkkarasi Nayanar

There are two people who could best shape the life of any man. One is the mother who brings him up and after that it is the wife. In fact it is the wife who is completely with the man as his better half. She is the company throughout the life. The husband and wife should live for the principles and love. Wife is not a slave to follow whatever the husband says but the spouse should be a caring friend who encourages the good deeds and corrects when the partner goes off the track. This splendid devotee who could be seen as the model of such good qualities who with her patience, determination, love and above all great devotion to the glorious feet of the Lord opened the eyes of her husband.

                                                     புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-2 - ஆலவாய் எழுந்தருளியது.



maN^gaiyarkkarachiyAr was born in the royal family of the chOza kingdom. She grew up with genuine love and devotion for the Lord of pArvati. Superior in actions container of good characters she got married to the pANdiya king, n^edumARan . The king n^edumARan was valiant, powerful but did not get right guidance to enjoy the Sun of shaivam but was sitting with a small lamp. He restrained himself to the philosophies of Jainism. During that period in the pANdiya kingdom the old, time proven, not force or condition based sanAtana dharma was under the shadow of Jain philosophies. The Jain philosophies which are good in general but which were out of a limited domain of knowledge and putting on the followers hard to follow means as the only way of liberation, went high in the minds of the people who failed to realize or did not get an enlightening sage to know the ocean of knowledge available for ages through the sages in sanAtana dharma. The abodes of the Lord in that famous kingdom became the places of Jains. The Jains for whom non violence is a major basis went violating that principle itself.

                                                         புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-3 - பாண்டியன் சுரம் தீர்த்தது




The reverend maN^gaiyarkkarachiyAr who had an unshrinking love for the Lord who is form of love, was quite shocked with the state the pANdiya kingdom was. She was bothered much that her respectable husband was unable to enjoy the superior nectar of shaivam. That lady of wonderable endurance was waiting for a dawn. There was one more person - the prime minister kulachchiRaiyAr who was also worrying day and night about the philosophical fall of the kingdom. There were only these two devotees with whom the blissful shaivam was present. They were praying to the an^dhakAn^thaka (killer of ignorance) for the salvation of all the people in the kingdom. Their prayer and patience gave fruit when they received the message that the saint who cried to get the Lord of chIrkAzi reached in thirumaRaikkAdu . For those two seekers of Truth it was the news of all their good deeds giving fruit all in a sudden. They sent knowledgeable attendants to salute the prodigy and request his blessings. The young saint who had lots of mercy for all the creatures accepted thier request to come to pANdaiya kingdom. With good omens appearing she felt now it is going to be only good for the king, her beloved husband. With overwhelming eagerness to salute the young saint who came to protect the king and the kingdom from falling, she told the king that she was going to salute the Lord of madhurai and went to receive him. Along with the queen and the minister the saint went and worshiped the Lord of madhurai.

                                                              புனிதவாய் மலர்ந்தழுதார் (சம்பந்தர்) - பகுதி-4 - ஆலவாய் வெற்றி.



The queen who was anxious about the troubles the Jains would make to him decided to sacrifice herself if something bad happens to the prodigy. She was praying all the time for the safety of that son of Lord shiva. The Jains put on fire in the place where thirunyAnachampan^dhar and other devotees who came along were staying. But by the grace of God he transferred it to become a fire in the stomach of the king. The queen and the prime minister were very much worried on hearing that the Jains set fire to the saints place, and it added to their worry when they heard the king got a serious pain in the stomach. Because the king was the husband of maN^gaiyarkkarachiyAr the dawn like saint asked the fire to go slow to the kings stomach. When the entire Jain sages tried out their mantras without any alleviating effect on the king, the young saint smeared the Holy ash chanting the Holy five letters. The king was immediately cured of the illness. The queen maN^gaiyarkkarachiyAr, the great lady who led her life in the real meaning a wife should be for the husband - correcting the mistakes of the husband and making him lead the proper life was very happy at this. When that abode of knowledge won the arguments with the Jains and taught the excellence of shaivam to the king and the people, the queen was felt really blessed by the Lord for enlightening her beloved husband and the entire kingdom. Let the patience, determination and strong love for the Lord of lords the queen maN^gaiyarkkarachiyAr possessed stay in mind.

                                                                    maNgaiyarkkuth thaniyarachi eNgaL dheyvam vaLavarthiruk kulakkozundhu vaLaikkai mAni ,     cheNkamalath thirumadandhai kanni nAdAL thennarkulap pazithIrththa dheyvap pAvai ,     eNkaL pirAn chaNpayarkOn aruLi nAlE irunthamiznA duRRaidar nIkkith thaNgaL ,     poNkoLiveN tirunIRu parappi nAraip pORRuvAr kazalemmAl pORRa lAmE

gurupUjai : chiththirai - rOhiNi 

Birth place of mangkaiyarkkarasi nAyanAr

The puranam of Mangkayarkkarasiyaar in English Poetry

மங்கையர்க்கரசியார் புராணம் - செய்யுள்

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