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Chundharamurthi Nayanar - part VII (cheraman thozhar)

The chEra emperor perumAkkOdhaiyAr(1) who had enthroned in his heart the Lord who dances in the forests smearing the ash, had come to know about the devotional singing of vanRoNdar through the Lord Himself. In the zeal of meeting a splendid devotee he reached thiruvArUr. Meanwhile chun^dharar had got lots of material praising the Lord at n^Agaik kArONam, saluted many other abodes and was back in ArUr. chEramAn who was most humble towards the devotees of the Red-matted-haired Lord saluted and chun^dharar saluted him in deference. The two hugged each other with their unified inclination towards the Lord of justice flag bringing them close to each other. This true friendship made ArUrar to be called chEramAn thOzar (The friend of chErar). chun^dharar took him to the abode of the Lord who danced in their tongue, chEramAn sang thirumummaNik kOvai in praise of the Lord. The king devotee was immersed in the hospitality of the chun^dharar couple which was superior than the hospitality shown to a king, it was a hospitality shown to a devotee of the Lord. Accepting the service of chEramAn thOzar the chEra king saluted him and they both thanked the Lord granting them the spiritual companionship. They stayed in thiruvArUr for many days worshiping the Lord vIdhi vidaN^gar .

chun^dharar wanted to worship the Lord at thirumadhurai and other abodes in the pANdiya kingdom. chEramAn also zealous to salute the Lord of madhurai and unwilling to leave chun^dharar joined him in the pilgrimage. With many people accompanying they sang the Lord who looks Marvelous in the ornaments of nature at n^Agaik kArONam, thirumaRaikkAdu, agaththiyAn paLLi and at kOdik kOyil where there were no inhabitants around. In the pANdiya kingdom worshiping the Lord at thirup puththUr they arrived at madhurai. Along with the other two emperors of the thamiz land paNdiya, chOza the chEra emperor and chun^dharar sang in the spring of devotion the Supreme Source that sits in the abode of madhurai. Saluting the various abodes in the temple town madhurai chun^dharar worshiped along with the three emperors at thirup pUvaNam, thiruvAppanUr, thiruvEdakam, thirup paraN^kunRu and stayed in madhurai in the thoughts of the Enchanting Beauty. There was peace in the land and His Name spread.

When the other two kings took leave chEra emperor and n^AyanAr continued their holy journey in the pANdiya kingdom. They bowed down to the Lord of Charming Eyes at kuRRAlam, thirun^elvEli, thiruvirAmEchcharam and many abodes. From RamEswaram they saluted the Lord of thiruk kEdhIchcharam in the island of Sri Lanka. When they stayed saluting the dEvadEva at thiruchchuziyal He came in n^AyanAr's dreams in the form of a Bull that was marvelous and never seen and told him that His place is kAnappEr . Impressed chun^dharar rushed saluting the Lord of thiruchchuziyal to thirukkAnappEr and bathed the Lovely Lord in the sacred materials of his devotion and sweet hymns. They adored the Lord at thirup punavAyil and reached back in the chOza kingdom.

Worshiping the umA mahEshwara at the abode of pAmpaNi n^agar - pAdhALIchcharam they arrived at thiruvArUr. They saluted the Lord of thiruvArUr and entered n^ambi's home. chErar stayed in the pleasant service of the n^AyanAr. He prayed to n^ambiyArUrar to visit the chEra kingdom. When he agreed with the consent of paravaiyAr they, keep the Holy Feet of the Lord of thiruvArUr in their minds left to keraLa. Subduing to the Lord of thiruk kaNdiyUr they neared thiruvaiyARu. chEramAn was intensely enthused to worship the Lord of thiruvaiyARu. The river kAviri was flooding in the middle ! chun^dharar put his splendid devotion in a song paravum parichonRu calling the Lord aiyARudaiya adikaLO !!. By the Lord's order there appeared a dry channel in the middle of the flooding river. n^ayanmArs of wonderable love to the Lord went through that to worship their Life-stream like Lord. After they returned back the river started flowing normally. Praising the Glory of Lord shiva they continued their journey crossing the choza and koN^gukingdoms.


In his empire chEramAn and chun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr were given gorgeous welcome. In the capital koduN^gOLUr they went to the abodethiruvanychaik kaLam to salute the Lord praised with the Holy Five Letters. chEramAn perumAL took ArUrar on the elephant through the town, he sitting behind and fanning him with chAmaram ! Pleased peerless hospitality of chEramAn marked by various such deeds and more with his love, thampirAn thOzar stayed in koduN^kOLUr for some time. With the ever occurring magnetic affection for the Lord of thiruvArUr filling his mind ArUrar wanted to leave for thiruvArUr. He consoled with great difficulty the chEra friend who never was willing to get separated from him. The emperor ordered the enormous materials he had to be sent with ArUrar ahead of him. The two matching friends took leave of each other and chun^dharar went on his way to ArUr through thiru murugan pUNdi. The playful Lord sent His army as hunters who robbed away all the material chEramAn sent. When vanRoNdar came to know about this, he went to the Lord of thirumurugan pUNdi and charged Him in salutation of allowing the atrocity. The Lord Who gets pleased with his songs gave back all the material the hunters took. ArUrar thanked Him and reached thiruvArUr with the gifts of the chEra king.

chundharamUrthi nAyanAr - part VIII (AlAla chundharar)


chelvath thiruvA rUrmEvuny chempoR puRRil inidhamarn^dha ,
     vilveR pudaiyAr kazalvaNaN^gi vIdhi vidaN^gap perumAnai ,
     mallaR pavani chEviththu vAzn^dhu n^ALum manamakizn^dhu ,
     cholvith thakarthAm iruvarkaLun^ thodarn^dha kAdha ludanchiRan^dhAr

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சேக்கிழார் எடுத்துத் தந்த சுந்தரர் திருப்பதிகங்கள் 

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