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The History of Viranminda Nayanar

The land that was known as the Chera country (Kerala) is the same that was created by the great Parashurama of yore, who received his magnificent axe by worshipping the Lord with a form decorated with the bow Pinaka, the arrow Pashupatastram, the axe, the Fire of destruction, the disc Sudarshana, the mace, the sword and crores of powerful arms. This land is known for its beauty, its mountains, its elephants with mammoth tusks and importantly its worship of Mahadeva. Here was a town known as Chenkunrur (now known as Chengannur) where God was worshipped in the Ardhanarishwara form (male-female form) amidst the fragrant sandalwood forests.

Viranminda Nayanar - The History of  Viranminda Nayanar
Viranmindar emphasized the adoration of devotees

To bring everlasting fame to the life of the traditional farmers in that town, Viranmindar was born in that town in an agricultural family. He firmly clasped the feet of the Lord who took the form of fire and is beyond the reach of words. He had been successful in cutting asunder all bonds that created obstacles to devotion. He cared very much for true devotees of the Lord. Such was his fame, he in whose mind was enshrined the merciful Lord Shiva. He travelled through many places, worshiping the Lord, who makes his abode in the hearts of such devotees, and saluting the servitors of the Lord before he bowed down to Lord Shiva. Finally, he arrived at the famed town of Thiruvarur, where the Lord rides not only a huge chariot but also the minds of great devotees. Here Viranmindar immersed himself in the beautiful form of Lord Shiva for whom the Vedas became the chariot.

In that Thiruvarur, there was a hall called Devashraya, where the great servitors of the blue-throated Lord gathered to praise Him in simple and sweet words. Blessed are those who had the fortune to see them, hear them, follow them and serve them. There was nothing else required to get liberation than moving in this great assemblage of devotees. Viranmindar prostrated in front of this gathering of devotees who were on the right path towards the Truth. He stayed here for a few days. One day, Sundarar, who considered himself as the servitor of the servitors of the Lord Shankara, went straight to the temple of the Lord before bowing to the exalted devotees gathered at the Devashraya hall. It was coincidental that Sundarar had come to pray to the Lord at Thiruvarur in order to be able to behold the holy gathering of His greatest devotees. Viranmindar noticed that Sundarar proceeded directly to the sanctum without prostrating to the assembly of devotees and angrily announced - “That Sundarar, who didn’t pay his respects to the devotees, is no longer one among us! The Lord who blesses him, who proceeds without prostrating His servitors, is also not one among us!” The Lord who accepts even words spoken in anger as he does those spoken in praise, blessed Viranmindar. He then bade Sundarar to compose the Thirutondar Thokai, a treatise on the greatest devotees of the Lord. He provided the first word for this work which formed the basis for the Periya Puranam. Such was the fame of Viranmindar who was instrumental in Sundarar singing the famous Thiruthonda Thokai. 

Viranmindar lived a long life full of love for the Lord, upholding the respect to be accorded to His devotees. He followed the right path under the graceful feet of the Lord, heading the army of the Lord’s servitors. Let the emphasis given by Viranmindar to the respect that should be accorded to the revered devotees of the Lord, stay in our minds forever.

Guru Pooja : Chithirai / Tiruvadurai or Mesha/Ardra

Har Har Mahadev

Birth place of Viranminda Nayanar

The puranam of Viran Mindar Nayanar in English Poetry

விறன்மிண்ட நாயனார் புராணம் உரைநடை

விறன்மிண்ட நாயனார் புராணம் - செய்யுள்

विरन्मिण्ड नायनार दिव्य चरित्र 

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