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The History of Rudra Pashupati Nayanar


In the Chozha kingdom was the village Tiruthalaiyur. Pashupati was born in that town into a brahmin family with the tradition of chanting the holy Vedas. Pashupati had great love for the Pati (Lord) who, like the Sun appears to shred the Pasam (Bonds) that grip the Pasus (Soul). That Pati is the Supreme as taught by the Vedas. In the Vedas one of the most sacred hymns is the Sri Rudram. This holy hymn has in its bosom the holiest mantra for any Shaivite - Namah Shivaya - the Shiva Panchakshara. The Sri Rudram is chanted in all major worship traditions of Lord Shiva.


Uruthira Pasupathi Nayanar - The History of Uruthira Pasupathi Nayanar
Rudra Pashipati Nayanar chanted everyday the heart of Vedas - Rudram - contemplating on Lord Shiva!

The Nayanar’s practice was to keep chanting this holy hymn which pleases the Essence of the Vedas (Lord Shiva). At dawn when the birds started chirping, the bees tuned their rhythm, the sky woke up with a reddish eye and the Sun brisked up, he would go to the pond with cool water where the flame-coloured lotuses blossomed to receive the day and stand in the pool with his body till the neck immersed. Like a lotus bud he would keep his hands above his head in the posture of saluting, his face like a blooming lotus with droplets in devotion and in the rhythm that was prescribed by his ancestors, the Nayanar would chant the Holy Rudram with the petal like feet of the Almighty delighting the lotus of his heart.

The redolence of the constant flow of his love increased by the superior mantra anointed the Lord at dawn and through the day. His austerity, his love and the sacredness of the hymn helped him obtain the blessing of the Lord which is difficult even for the celestial powers to obtain. With that grace of God, the devotee chanting the Sri Rudram continuously, reached the abode of the Lord painlessly. He, having got the coveted place by the chanting of the holy Rudram became known as Rudra Pashupati Nayanar. Let the greatness of chanting His holy hymn as shown by the life of Rudra Pashupati Nayanar stay in our minds.

Guru Pooja: Puratassi / Ashvini or Kanya / Ashvini

Har Har Mahadev

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