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The History of Sadaiya Nayanar

chadaiya n^AyanAr was the father of the renowned devotee who gave the great thiruth thoNdath thokai (1) and considered himself the slave of the slaves of Lord shiva. If we see that many admirable qualities of sun^dharar (2) like his excellent love for the Lord was inherited from his father chadaiya n^AyanAr how much of praise will be sufficient to say about him ! thiruk kuRal says the duty of the father is to make the son to be front runner in the assembly of wise. This father has made his son celebrated not in a small assembly of people, but to be praised across the centuries. That father who had the softer than patal feet of God in him and the son was in the God will be remembered with reverance by the true devotees. Let the love of chadaiya n^ayanAr for the Lord of Love stay in the mind.

                                                           thambi rAnaith thOzamaikoN daruLith thamadhu thadampu yanychEr
	  komba nArpAl oruthUthu chella Evik koNdaruLum
	  empi rAnaich chEramAn perumAL iNaiyil thuNaivarAm
	  n^ambi yArU raraippayan^dhAr nyAla mellAN^ kudivAza

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1. thiruththoNdaththokai
2. chun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr

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