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The History of Pukazththunai Nayanar

In the town cheRuvilipuththUr came in the tradition of priests worshiping Lord shiva was the devotee pukazththuNaiyAr. He had sticked with the paste of devotion the perennial feet of Lord of unmeasurable fame to his lotus of heart. He did the ritualistic worship given life by the non stopping stream of love everyday. His worship was the expression of his knowledge, a penance by itself, an expression of supreme devotion for the Supreme that stops the ga.nga in a tiny portion of Its matted hair. That time there was a big famine in that area. While others leave for greener pastures, our n^AyanAr rejected any such decision saying, "I will not leave my Lord, come whatever be". Though the land became dry his heart was still wet as ever for the anointment of the Lord who is pleased by the cool water. It is rightly said, even if the five elements of the Universe go out of their way, the true devotees who live in their heart with Lord shiva always, do not get disturbed.

                                                          Pukazththunai Nayanar - The History of Pukazththunai Nayanar

Even in that famine period n^AyanAr brought the best of available flowers and anointed the Lord with the cold water. What else does the Great Lord who goes on alms require other than this cold water that represented an extreme love that wanted to take care of Him under any circumstance ?! The God who is always anointed by the cosmic river ga.nga, delightfully sat in his heart and that abode. The mind was always willing to serve, but the body ? It was in the peak of fatigue because of the days of starvation. One day when he brought the water for holy anointment, he could not control and fell down putting the pot of water on the Lord's head. As he slept there itself by the God's grace, he was told by the Lord in his dream that he would be given one coin everyday till the land gains back its prosperity. He woke up and saw with the body that had gone lean and vigourless, a coin kept on the altar of the abode. His face blossomed thanking the mercy of mahAdEva.


He got the coin there everyday. With the sickness of hunger driven away, he served the devotees of the Bull flagged Lord paving way for the generations to follow him. With the dEvadEva always bathed in his worship, he reached the cool feet of the Lord of pArvati. Let the mother like love and dedication in serving the Deathless Lord of pukazththuNai n^AyanAr stay in the mind.

                                                                thaNkOnaith thavaththAlE thaththuvaththin vazipadunAL ,	 poNkOdha nyAlaththu vaRkadamAip pachipurindhum ,	 eNkOmAn thanaividuvEn allEn en RirAppagalum ,	 koNgArpan malarkoNdu punalkoN daruchchippAr

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