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The History of Necha Nayanar


Necha Nayanar - The History of Necha Nayanar

In the town called kAmbIlI was the n^Echa n^AyanAr born. He came in the tradition having weaving as the profession. He had woven in his heart the admirable cloth of love for God, with all his devotional deeds being the fibers in it. The direction claded Lord wore his devotion and blessed him. With the mind that seats the hara's feet that are softer than the cotton, and the tongue movement triggered by the Holy Five Letters, he wove clothings, cut-pieces and other garments which are flawless and supreme in quality for the devotees of the Naked Lord. His skill and professionalism gained him a big respect among the weavers and the customers, while he was modest serving the needs of the devotees who sacrificed all their bonds. He was very much determined in doing the service everyday to meet the requirement of the devotees and the grace of Lord shiva. The garments which were not for ostentation and show-off but were used by the devotees as one of the needs, was supplied by that great n^AyanAr without any failure, whatever the quantity required be. The holy texts say taking care of the basic needs of the devotees who have dedicated their lives in the progress towards the Absolute Truth and thus work for the enlightenment of all the fellow creatures without bothering about their own wantings, is in fact one of the sacred worship to the Bull mounting Lord. The n^AyanAr who did the service without asking for returns always keeping His holy feet in his thoughts reached that graceful shade of the Lord. Let the wishful servicing of the n^Echa n^AyanAr stay in mind.

                                                           ANgavar manaththin cheykai aranadip pOdhuk kAkki ,	 ONgiya vAkkin cheykai uyarndha any chezuththuk kAkkith ,	 thANgukaith thozilin cheykai thambirAn adiyArk kAkap ,	 pANgudai udaiyum kILum pazudhilkO vaNamum neyvAr

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