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The History of Meipporul Nayanar

The town of Thirukkovalur was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Chedi. It is the place where Lord Shiva impaled the demon Andhaka, who was the very form of ignorance. This kingdom of Chedi attained unsullied fame in history because of its king MeipporulNayanar whose life was an example of tolerance and doing good even to enemies.

Meipporul Nayanar - The History of Meipporul Nayanar
The Meypporul Nayanar, who really won!

The king’s heart was ever engrossed in Lord Hara while his hands engaged in helping His devotees. He served them as required, by ruling the country justly, peacefully and creating the right atmosphere to cultivate devotion. At the same time, he was valorous enough that no enemy dared to attack his kingdom. He considered devotion to the lotus feet of Lord Shiva as the greatest wealth of all. He was so enamoured by the graceful forms of the devotees of Shiva adorned with Sacred Ash and Rudraksha, that he would do anything they wished for. 

Mutthinathan, a neighboring king, tried multiple times to defeat Meipporular in the battle-field. Can a fox ever overpower an elephant in a straight fight? The thirst of revenge weakened his mind and his morals began to give way to devious plans. He knew well that Meiporrular bowed down and served those who bore on themselves the marks of devotion of Lord Shankara. That coward hatched a plot to exploit this goodness of the Lord’s devotee Meiporrular.

Mutthinathan smeared his body with Sacred Ash, knotted his hair, carried a book with a knife hidden in it and walked into Thirukkovalur, like a dark shadow creeping into a well-lit place. He arrived at the palace of Meipporular one night with a mind darker than that of the surrounding night. The guards at the different gates to the main palace thought he was a devotee and let him in, bowing down. Finally, he arrived at the inner chambers where the king was asleep, probably serving the devotees of the Lord even in his dream. The personal guard of the King, Datthan, requested Mutthinathan, in the guise of a devotee, to wait as the King was asleep. But Mutthinathan was adamant about meeting the King saying he had come all the way from the Himalayas. Being a devotee, Datthan was unable to stop him, The Queen meanwhile woke the King up. The King was pleased that there was a devotee before him and bowed down. Mutthinathan  told the King – “I have a rare Agama given by our Lord. I came here to explain it to you. We need to be alone, so please ask your wife to leave this chamber.” The King with an untainted heart asked his wife to leave, offered a suitable seat to the devotee, sat down and bowed to Mutthinathan  in the guise of a Himalayan devotee. The evil enemy now saw the opportunity, took the knife out as he opened the book and stabbed Meipporular. 

Datthan who had his doubts about Mutthinathan even at the outset, immediately entered the room and raised his sword to strike the evil crook. But Meipporular stopped him saying – “Datthan, he is one amongst us!” Datthan cried and asked the King to give him the orders. Meipporular asked Datthan to escort the crook in the form of a devotee of Lord till he crosses the boundaries of his kingdom. Bound by duty, Datthan guarded the wicked enemy till they reached the boundary of their kingdom and returned to report to the King. Meipporular was waiting for Datthan. The King praised Dathhan for his action and advised his courtiers to uphold the good deed of loving the Lord’s devotees and respect the holy symbols of the Lord. Meipporular left his mortal frame, but won the everlasting place at the feet of the Lord and place in the hearts of the devotees of the Lord. The sincerity in considering even the form of devotees adorned with holy symbols as the truth, led him to the ultimate Truth that takes form and dances in the Golden Hall of Thillai. Let the greatness of Meipporular, who guarded even the wicked man who took his life just because he was adorned with the holy symbols of Lord Shiva’s devotees, stay forever in our minds.

Guru Pooja : Karththikai / Uththiram or Vrischik/Uttara

Har Har Mahadev

Birth place of meypporuL nAyanAr

The puranam of Mei-p-Porul Nayanar in English Poetry

மெய்ப்பொருள் நாயனார் புராணம் - செய்யுள்

மெய்ப்பொருள் நாயனார் புராணம் உரைநடை

मेयपोरुल नायनार दिव्य चरित्र 


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मेयपोरुल नायनार दिव्य चरित्र