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The History of Kari Nayanar


For doing service to the Supreme being one need not be kings or having lots of wealth and property. If there is an inclination to work then all the means will come in the way. The skills whatever it be that is given to one by the Lord should be used to serve Him in the best way. kAri n^AyanAr was born in the town thirukkadavUr , where the Lord kicked the king of death kAla to death when he tried to take away the life of devotee sage mArkaNdEya . n^AyanAr was blessed with the art of creating beautiful poetry ornated by the crystal words and cryptic meanings. His name was famous because of his songs. He went to the three kings who ruled the three major sections of old thamizakam ( chEra, chOza and pAndiya ) and described the songs in a way that they will be delighted. With the heaps of prize he got for that, he did a lot of services to tfor that, he did a lot of services to the Lord who was the Hero of his praises.

                                                     Kari Nayanar - The History of Kari Nayanar 

He built lots of beautiful abodes for the blue throated bow shouldered bhagawan , that were as beautiful as the true lovely abode that he had for Him in his heart lotus. With the wonderful words that will make anybody warm and happy, he donated selflessly to the devotees of the dEva of dEva s, with the heart not forgetting even for a winkling time the wonder on the mount kailAsh . His mouth made marvelous songs in thamiz; his mind mingling in the Marvel that made the language thamiz. The creativity danced in his words; the Creater danced in his wrathless thoughts. The big kings spent their wealth for his sweet songs; he spent that wealth in getting the welth of the grace of the King of the Universe by serving Him and His devotees. He established his music and rhythm in this wide world; He also established only the mahEsha in his broad mind. Like his thoughts that always lived in the snow covered holy peak of kailAsh, the most pleasent abode of the Lord for whom the entire Universe is the abode, he too reached that holy place with the blessing of the blossomed flowerful matted haired Lord shiva to praise Him always. Let the stable thoughts of kAri n^AyanAr that always resided in the holy feet of the Lord of kailAsh stay in the mind.

                                                                  aNgavarthAm makizumvakai aduththa_urai nayamAkkik ,     koNgalarthAr mannavarpAl peRRanidhik kuvaikoNdu ,     veNkaN.harA vodukidandhu viLaNgum.hiLam piRaichchennich ,     chaNkaranAr inidhamarun thAnaNkaL palachamaiththAr

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