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The History of Kanampulla Nayanar

The Lord who cures the bonds of births apart from the diseases the body accumulates, that Great Lord's holy place is irukku vELUr; present called as "Pelur" (6-kms from Vazhappadi in Salem District). With its huge temple and tall tower calling the seekers from all over to come and get the relaxation under the Holy feet of Lord shiva with the consort Aramvalarthanayaki.

                                                               Kanampulla Nayanar - The History of Kanampulla Nayanar

Our Nayanar was born in that place, owner of limitless wealth, renowned for his peerless good principles. He had a great desire for the Lord who burnt the deva of desire like a piece of straw. He found that the feet of the Flawless Absolute is the real wealth. He further found the best feature of the wealth one can have - illuminating the abode of the Luminous Lord who has three lights as His eyes. Decorating His holy place with nice lamps, he used to worship the God with falling body in raising love, singing the endless fame of the Limitless Lord. With the love of saluting the Lord of Elements, that dances in the dais of thillai, he went to chithambaram. With his spring of devotion dancing in his heart to the rhythm of the dance of the Lord, he prostrated to the Great Lord. He then started living in thirup puliichcharam continuing his service of illuminating the place of the Lord.

His holy service continued in spite of whatever hurdles he faced. He sold the household articles one by one and lit the lamps in the abode everday with pleasant ghee. Then came the situation when there was nothing left in the house to sell ! He was not convinced to beg to somebody. That once prominent rich man, who was still wealthy with the never dying love for the Lord who conquered death, but had no money in hand, toiled to cut the straws(kaNampul) in the fields and sold it to others. With the money he got in return that blotless famed devotee bought the pure ghee and burnt the lamps in the temple. One day he could not sell the straws he brought in spite of all his efforts. He had nothing else in his hand ! Still not withdrawn from the sacred service he undertook to do, he went ahead burning the straws to illuminate the temple. As the stacks of impurities gets burnt soon when the devotion for Lord shankara enters, all the straws he had brought got over soon and he required more to illuminate the temple. That true lover of God unwilling to stop the service even that time, put his own hair in place of the straw and started burning it - burning the cause of the two types of deeds !! Our Love, the Lord, appreciating the flawless love of the n^AyanAr, kaNampullar sat in the place of Lord shiva, blissfully saluting Him. Let the strong rock like determined devotion with which kaNampulla n^AyanAr started even burning his head for the lamp, stay in the mind.

                                                             thaNkaLpirAn thiruvuLLany cheydhuthalaith thiruviLakkup ,     poNgiya an budan eriththa poruvilthiruth thoNdarukku ,     maNgalamAm peruNkaruNai vaiththaruLach chivalOkaththu ,     eNkaLpirAn kaNampullar inidhiRainychi amarndhirundhAr

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