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The Puranam of Kanampulla Nayanar

(kanampulla nAyanAr purANam - Periyapuranam as English poetry)

        "I am a servitor of Kanampullar the great, 
        Who had as his sole protection, the ankleted feet 
        Of the blue-throated Lord." 
                    - The Tiru-th-Tonda-th-Tokai. 
1.     It abounds in glorious and opulent mansions where 
    Flourished many great and flawless families; 
    It is on the southern bank of the northern Vellaaru; 
    There the honey that flowed from long drupaceous jackfruit 
    Coursed its way to the water-spread 
    And irrigated the fields; this bright town 
    Is called Irukku Velur in this world.                (4055) 
2.     He was the chief of all the clan-chiefs of that town; 
    Great and immeasurable was his manifold wealth; 
    Endowed with lofty and peerless qualities he lived poised 
    In ever-growing nobility; his loving consciousness 
    Ever informed his thus: “The Lord’s feet alone 
    Endure, for ever, in truth.”                    (4056) 
3.     He was convinced that the most proper use to which 
    Flawless wealth could be put, was to light 
    Within the shrine of Siva, lamps that would always 
    Burn with endless lustre; this he did, 
    And with his tongue ambrosially hailed the Lord; 
    As time passed on, he grew penurious; then he eventually 
    Arrived at hallowed Tillai of the Lord of gods.            (4057) 

                                                    Kanampulla Nayanar - The Puranam of Kanampulla Nayanar
4.     In abiding love he adored the redemptive feet 
    Of The Lord who dances in the beauteous Ambalam 
    Of Tillai city, and abode there; he came by money 
    By selling the moveables in his house, and lighted 
    Lamps in Tiru-p-Puleeccharam of the Lord, 
    The wielder of the bow, who gutted with fire 
    The triple hostile citadels.                    (4058) 
5.     While thus he throve, there was nothing left with him 
    To sell; afraid to indulge in begging he plied himself 
    In cutting Kanampul; he sold it for such price he could 
    Get, and with that money bought ghee, and thus lighted 
    The holy and divine lamps; lo, the greatness 
    Of the true and undaunted devotee!                (4059) 
6.     While in this flawless way he lighted lamps, 
    The grass the cut and carried with him, by dint 
    Of hard labour, could not be sold anywhere, one day; 
    Yet he would not give up his service; 
    He lighted the grass cut by him and made it 
    Perform the office of beauteous lamps.                (4060) 
7.     He who caused the lamps to glow before the Lord 
    During the appointed hour, could not come by enough 
    Grass to render duly his service; 
    Thereupon he that served the Lord in true love 
    Burnt for a lamp the hair on his head; 
    He so burnt it that his very bones melted; 
    Thus, even thus, he burnt away the bondage 
    And nexus of the twyfold Karma.                    (4061) 
8.     Mercifully viewing this service, unto the peerless 
    And divine devotee who in upsurging love 
    Burnt his very head, the Lord in His great 
    And all-auspicious compassion, conferred 
    The beatitude of Siva-loka; our lord Kanampullar 
    There abiding, hails Siva in aeviternal bliss.            (4062) 
9.     Adoring the feet of him who in this great and sea-girt 
    Earth, burnt his hallowed head for a lamp in the divine 
    Presence of the river-crested Lord, we proceed to indite 
    The glory of the servitorship of Kaariyaar 
    Of resplendent Katavoor bounded by gardens 
    Abounding in honey-laden blossoms.                (4063) 
Verse No. 
   1.    Vellaaru: Veda Vellaru: This runs between the Salem and the South Arcot  
    districts on the one hand and the Thanjavur district on the other.  It  
    flows north of the Chola realm and merges with the sea near Parangippettai. 
    Ten Vellaru: This runs between the Madurai district and the Thanjavur district.  
    This runs south of the Chola country and merges with the sea near Meemisal. 
    Irukku Velur: This is now called Belur.  It is near Aatroor (Salem dist).  It is  
    situate near the northern slope of Pacchai Malai.  In this place is a shrine.  
    Near the flag-post is an icon bearing a lamp in its hands.  It is our naayanaar’s 
   3.    Like Kaliya naayanaar Kanampullar took to the service of lighting lamps within the  
    shrine of Siva. 
 4-8.    The life of this Naayanaar is similar to the life of Kaliya Naayanaar. 
    Kanampul: It is a type of grass.  It resembles a reed.  This is used for roofing  
    huts and houses.  This grows in jungles and slopes of hills.  In Pacchai Malai  
    and Kolli Malai, this grows in abundance. 
                Here ends the Puranam of Kanampullar Naaynaar 

Sincere thanks to Sri. T N Ramachandran of thanjavur, for permitting his English rendering of the holy text periyapurANam be published here.

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