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The History of Sirapuli Nayanar

The river kAvEri was making the chOza kingdom prosper to the extent of saying "chOza kingdom provides food for other kingdoms". thiruvAkkUr was a town in that kingdom which is praised by the prodigy thiru nyAna champan^dhar in his thEvAram as " If anybody in the world out of poverty asks for something, without saying no the generous people of thiruvAkkUr readily help them." 

                                                           Sirapuli Nayanar - The History of Sirapuli Nayanar

The roaring sound of the thunder will be less audible in the town, because of the sound of reciting vEdhas . The melody of the singing of the honey-bees will go to the background, as the rich tunes in which the devotees are praising the Lord whose body can not be classified as male or female or neuter come to the foreground. The scented smokes emerging out of akil and similar substances that are used in the houses will disappear in the smoke from the fire of rite performed for the peace of the worlds. The clouds in the sky will appear to be formed out of the smoke of benzoin used in the temples of the God.

In that beautiful and blessed thiruvAkkUr, chiRappuli n^AyanAr came in the family that does the service of reciting the holy vEdhas as the job of their life. He had the principle of giving things without hesitation to the devotees of the immortal Lord who ate the poison and gave the nector to the dhEvAs without hesitation. When the lovers of the Lord arrive at his place, he will prostrate at their feet and welcome them. With the face like a blossomed lotus, he will talk in the sweet voice nice words. Then he will provide nice seat for them to sit and relax. They will be given a nice feast in which the major item is love. He will give them whatever they wish. In total he was like the rain that pours to all without deception. The crops of his love flourished in the rain of his generosity.

Recites the holy five letters of the Lord always; Prays the Lord through the fire of rite all the three times; Helps in making the temples of the Transcedent Lord for timely prayers; Above all never forgets the forgiving feet of the holy Father; He doesn't need to remember Lord shiva, because only when you forget something you need to remember. He shows the peaks of his love to the people who have love for the Lord who abide in the peak of kailAsh . The bliss he enjoyed out of the service to the Lord and His devotees continued forever as it bacame the bliss of abiding under the holy feet of the Almighty That has the unperishable wealth. Let the uninterruptable service of the chiRappuli n^AyanAr stay in the mind.

Additional Note: 

It is said that in the feeding service of aDiyAr he had as motto, God Himself came as the thousandth devotee to accept the offering and complete the thausand. thiruvAkkUr temple has the abode of this form as Ayiraththil oruvar.

                                                 ALumaN kaNaruk kanpar aNaindhapO dhadiyiR RAzndhu	 mULumA dharavu poNka munpunin Riniya kURi	 nALum nallamu dhUtti nayandhana ellAm nalki	 nILumin paththuL thaNki nidhimazai mAri pOnRAr

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