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The history of Cheruththunai Nayanar

The place where the Lord of the Universe sits hearing the sound of the frogs rifting apart the constant rhythm of the streams and slow wind patting the paddies is the land of rice grains thanychAvUr. In the agricultural family of that town came the staunch servant of the Lord who stomped the kAla, by the name cheruththuNaiyAr. Heart of love, hands and head tireless of saluting the Giver of liberation, body and mind completely engaged in serving the Lord in perfection. The Lord who dances in the streets who has taken abode in the thiruvArUr temple, that Attracting beauty attracted the n^AyanAr to serve Him.

                                                          Cheruththunai Nayanar - The History of Cheruththunai Nayanar

The devotee like a bee that is not ordered to go to the flower but does it on its own, at the abode of the Lord who stays in an anthill, enthusiastically volunteered to do the various services of the God. The service was his job, service was his pleasure, service was his living and idealisation of service was his aim. The Ideal thing delighted in his sacred work. One day the queen of the pallava emperor kOchchiN^gar(1) smelt a flower that was lying near the dais where the garlands and floral offerings are made. The flowers that are offered to the Lord are not to be smelt or used before.

The devotee unable to bear this act became furious. How can one smell the flower that is designated for the holy matted hair of the Supreme, he felt. He rushed with a sharp weapon and cut her nose. His act might seem extreme but was based on love and discipline. What matters to the devotee whether it is the wife of the emperor or of a common man ? The fearless devotee reached the floral feet of the Strong companion of devotees in His service. Let the determination of cheruththuNai n^AyanAr in offering an unstained service to the Lord shiva stay in the mind.

                                                         kadidhu muRRi maRRavaLthan karumen kUndhal pidiththIrththup ,     padiyil vIzththi maNimUkkaip paRRip paramar cheyyachadai ,     mudiyil ERun thiruppUmaN dapaththu malarmOn dhidummUkkaith ,     thadivan enRu karuviyinAl arindhAr thalaimaith thaniththoNdar

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