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The History of Aiyadikal Kadavarkon Nayanar

One city that was renowned throughout India for its intellectuals, institutions and ingenious art work was kAnychi, the capital of the pallavAs. The king of the pallava land who conquered the excess of the kali and the enemies was aiyadikaL perumAnAr, the king who ruled the land with his upright royal stick of justice - the Justice of Lord shiva. With the wealth and fame, with every life in the land sitting pride and peaceful, with the poles of enmities won over and the justice prevailing, with the great shaivam spreading its fragrance along with the knowledge of holy vEdAs our n^AyanAr ruled the land.

                                                       Aiyadikal Kadavarkon Nayanar - The History of Aiyadikal Kadavarkon Nayanar  

The king felt the royal crown was a hurdle in serving the Lord and wanted to salute the Lord singing His fame. He gave the royal throne to his son and set off to serve the Lord in the way his will wanted to. He went to the abodes of Lord who has Moon as an ornament over His golden matted hair and sang a veNpA (one of the four major constructs of thamiz poetry) each time, serving his heart stealing Beauty. The king of the pallavA kingdom went to the King of Cosmic dance's chithambaram, saluted, drank the Nectar performing dance there and offered It his holy flower of fragrant veNpA. Staying there for some time in that holy place worshiping the God, he continued his pilgrimage to many other innumerous abodes of the omnipresent Lord and did his service singing the hymn on God. His salutations went on for a long time and he reached the company of the Lovers of the Lord in the land of the Lord under His sacred feet. Let the great love of the king of kAdavAs aiyadikaL kAdavarkOn n^AyanAr because of which he left the royal pleasures and pride and came to sing the God's fame stay in the mind.

                                                                  thoNdurimai purakkinRAr chUzvElai ulakinkaN ,    aNdarpirAn amarndharuLum AlayaNga LAnaelAm ,     kaNdiRainychith thiruththoNdin kadanERRa paNicheydhE ,     vaNtamizin moziveNpA OronRA vazuththuvAr

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