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The history of Thiru-Saththi Nayanar


Saththi Nayanar - The history of Thiru-Saththi Nayanar

The town varinychaiyUr a fertile land with the lotuses growing in the ponds of honey they produce, was in the chOza kingdom. In the tradition of farmers for the fame of the village standing in the history there born the devotee who kept his heart that was made in the honey of love to the Ornated raised Feet that is rare for even the dEvAs starting from mahA vishNu. With nothing in the heart but love, love and love for the Lord of all creatures, he would cut off the tongues that malign the devotees of the Black-throated Lord. As he used to cut the blaspheming tongues with a weapon named chaththi he was called chaththiyAr. While the criticisms would always help in the development of the society and religious practices, thoughtless blasphemy is something that should be condemned. n^AyanAr sent a warning signal by his service not to malign the devotees who are on their way towards the Perfect being - the Lord shiva. He continued the service of protecting the fame of the devotees with his valor throughout his life. He finally reached the shade of the Lord's feet who ripped apart the skin of the fierce elephant that tortured the devotees. Let the valor and love mixed service of chaththi n^AyanAr stay in the mind.

                                                                                     thINgu choRRa thiruvilar nAvinai ,     vANga vANgudhaN dAyaththi nAlvalith ,     thANga yiRkaththiyi yAl arin dhanbudan ,     ONgu chIrththiruth thoNdi nuyarndhanar

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சைவ சித்தாந்தம்