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Muppothum Thirumeni Thinduvar


  History of Muppothum Thirumeni Thinduvar

Those who touch (worship) the holy Deity all the three times. As per the rituals that came in the tradition of knowledge by the grace of the Ever-pleasant God, the original shaivaites perform pUja to the Lord's sacred idol in time all the times. The shiva vEdhiyas whose lives themselves are the service to the Lord in His abodes getting purified, standing as strong as the rock in discipline, worshipping the Lord with completely unified heart to the pleasure of the Almighty and the betterment of the world in the wisdom of rituals that were passed for generations from the spiritual vision of sages from the Lord. Let the timely and procedural ardent worship of muppOdhum thirumEni thINduvAr n^AyanAr stay in the mind.

                                                                  eppOdhum iniyapirAn innaruLAl adhikariththu ,     meyppOdha neRivandha vidhimuRaimai vazuvAmE ,     appOdhaik kappOdhum Arvamikum anbinarAy ,     muppOdhum archchippAr mudhaRchaiva rAmmunivar

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