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The History of Kotpuli Nayanar

In the town n^AttiyaththAn kudi was the devotee kOtpuli n^AyanAr born. He came in a traditional agricultural family. His victory in feeling the Supreme Lord shiva made him a devotee and his valour made him the captain of the chOza army. The wealth he got from the king fighting the wars, he offered to make food in the temples of the Lord who won the three cities by His smile. The service continued for years with love and obedience for the Lord claded with snakes.

                                                           Kotpuli Nayanar - The History of Kotpuli Nayanar

One time he was requested by the king to go on a battle. With sincere devotion he made a stockpile of rice grains for the service of the Lord that would serve till the time he comes back. Before leaving he called all his relatives and conveyed them gently that the food stock had been made for the service of the Lord and if anybody attempts to disturb it they would become the victim of his wrath. He proceeded on his duty to the battlefield.


When he was fighting the war, after some days there was a drought in his town. Unable to get food, the relatives thought they would take the food from the stock instead of starving and could put back the grains later compensating for it. So they used the food from the stock meant for the Lord by the devotee. When the n^AyanAr who returned from the battlefield heard about the deed of the relatives in not sticking to the discipline of not touching the possession of God, he was infuriated. He wanted to punish them all for their deed.


He invited all his relatives for a feast at his palace and announced that they would be given gifts and clothes in the feast. When all of them assembled at his place, he not bothering that it was his relatives who did it and thinking only that it was against the discipline and order, he killed all of them with his weapon. The Three eyed Lord appeared on the Holy Bull with pArvati appreciating his neutrality and sincerity, told him that all his relatives had been given place in the heaven and took the great devotee who stood for his service with Him to the blissful abode. Let the sincerity of kOtpuli n^AyanAr stay in the mind.

                                                            mannavanpAl peRunychiRappin vaLamellAm madhiyaNiyum ,     pinynyakarthaN  kOyilthoRun  thiruvamudhil padiperukach ,     chennelmalaik kuvadAkach cheydhuvarun  thiruppaNiyE ,     pannedunAL  cheydhozukum pANgupurin dhONgunAL

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