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The History of Kazarchinga Nayanar

In the pallava kingdom came this nAyanAr and the king who ruled in neutral mind-set, by name kazaRchiNgar. The only thing that he aimed for was the foot of Lord shiva, the ultimate wealth. Valiant and vigorous he got victories over the Northern kingdoms. The Lion that roared at the battlefields went to the mind-pleasing abodes of the auspicious God that are widespread in the land in all humbleness and devotion. The Lord who is never won was master. The king came to the famous abode of the Lord thiruvArUr. Escorted by the queen and the courtmen, he came to the temple of the Lord who wanders in the forests with a huge army happily dancing and chanting. nAyanAr lost himself in the blessed sight of the Rare Gem that sits in that abode. The queen went circumambulating the temple seeing the beauties of it. She arrived at the hall where the flowers are joined into garlands to be offered to the Lord who has lily, jasmine, bilvam, maththam in His decorated matted hair. There was one fresh flower that had fallen from the hall dais where the garlands are made. She took the flower that was brought to adorn the Lord and smelt it. 

                                                                 Kazarchinga Nayanar - The History of Kazarchinga Nayanar

cheRuththuNai n^AyanAr(1) who had dedicated his life in the service of the Supreme Lord and who served the Lord in an error-free manner, was annoyed at seeing a human smelling the fresh flower that was specifically brought for the worship of the Supreme God. She had taken the flower from the dais and smelt it, he thought. Irked at the queen who defaulted the discipline, the fearless devotee not bothering whether it was a queen or a normal citizen he cut down the nose that smelt the flower. The queen fell down and cried like a peacock rolling down. By then the king kazarchiNga nAyanAr came there after saluting the Lord of thiruvArUr. The king saw the queen screaming in pain. Who in this world dared to do such an atrocity, he thundered. chEruththuNai nayanAr came there and explained what had happened. The king with an upright royal stick that was not bent for relatives, said that the punishment was not complete. He took his sword and slained the slender hands of the queen that took the flower. There was a rain of flowers appreciating his justice. The king ruled long keeping in mind the holy feet of the Lord of Justice. He resided under that sacred feet with the praise of the world. Let the impartiality and devotion of kazarchiNga nAyanAr stay in the mind.

                                                         kattiya udaivAL thannai uruviak kamazvA chappUth ,	 thottumun neduththa kaiyAm muRpadath thuNippa dhenRu ,	 pattamum aNindhu kAdhal payilperun dhEvi yAna ,	 mattaviz kuzalAL cheNgai vaLaiyodum thuNiththA ranRE

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