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The history of Thiru-Idangkazhi Nayanar

The blue long cloth of sea with its tidal foldings embracing the body of the girl of ground, was the kingdom by name kOnAdu. The capital of the kingdom that runs along with the pleasant chirping of birds that roam around the cool ponds was the town kodumpALUr. The king idaN^kaziyAr, the renowned, other than to the Emperor on the earth chariot who burnt down the three forts into heaps of ash, would not bow down to anybody even in dreams. In reality with a great love that flows out day and night, he offered to do whatever services required for the devotees of the River worn Lord. The shaivic discipline along with the vEdhic knowledge made his kingdom a peaceful and pleasant place to live. For the Lord who was offered terrific poison by the celestial elements with salutations and begging to rescue them, was offered the Agamic worships everyday in His enlightening abodes of the kingdom.

                                                        Thiru-Idangkazhi Nayanar - The History of Thiru-Idangkazhi Nayanar

One devotee of the Lord who practiced the austerity of feeding the Ash smeared Lord's devotees one day could not get way to earn the material required for his holy service. Out of his high enthusiasm to serve the devotees not realizing what he was doing went in the dark night to the governments warehouse and tried to pick from the stack the required food material. The royal servants found him stealing from the godown and took him arrested to the king. On the king's enquiry the devotee replied that he did that only to feed the slaves of the Bliss-showering Lord. n^AyanAr, a marvelous devotee of Lord shiva, the king of kOnAdu releasing the devotee felt he was his treasure. What is the use of a filled royal stack when a devotee struggles for getting the food ! He, the king, who really knew the usage of the treasures, announced that along with the piles of grains the slaves of God could take the heaps of treasures. With the royal treasure building up in the peaceful living of the devotees, the citizens of the kingdom the king gave away the materials to the needful. Ruling the state with the mercy and understanding of the people's problems the king who ruled in the discipline of the fragrance of the Sacred Ash resided under the comfortable shade of the Supreme. Let understanding of the devotees problems and the splendid serving tendency that idaN^kazi n^AyanAr showed stay in the mind.

                                                                    eNNilperum paNdAram Ichanadi yArkoLLa,     uNNiRaindha anbinAl uRukoLLai migaUttith,     thaNNaLiyAl neduNkAlan thirunIRRin neRithazaippa,     maNNilaruL purindhiRaivar malaradiyin nizalchErndhAr

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