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The Puranam of Idangkazhi Nayanar

(idangkazhi nAyanAr purANam - Periyapuranam as English poetry)

        “I am a servitor of glorious Idangkazhi, the great one 
        That wears a garland of petalled flowers.” 
                        - The Tiru-th-Tonda-th-Tokai 
1.     Konaadu is rich in groves where male kuyils 
    Nibbling at the tender mango-shoots, search 
    For their hiding mates and thus gladden them; 
    This realm is like unto the picturesque toyyil 
    Worn on her breast, by the Lady Earth who has 
    For her clothing the great sea full of rising waves.        (4109) 
2.     Kodumpaaloor of Konaadu is the capital in whose 
    Ponds and tanks of cool and lucid waters, 
    Chafers buzz over fragrant and melliferous red lotuses 
    And drink their honey; there the storks and their mates 
    Get well fed and these, to shun the moist northern wind 
    Slumber in the gardens of Kurukkatthi.                (4110) 
3.     Mighty-shouldered Aadithya Chozha, bedecked with jewels 
    Of gold, hailed from the glorious dynasty 
    Of Irukku Velir; he ruled from this city, and it was he 
    Who gold-plated the roof of the aeviternal Ponnambalam 
    With the famous and fresh and weighty gold 
    Of Konghu; Idangkazhiyaar was his ancestor.            (4111) 
4.     The great name of Idangkazhiyaar was famous 
    Throughout the world; he would only think of the way 
    Of servitorship to the Lord who burnt the triple 
    Hostile cities; he would not, at any time, 
    Think of any crooked way even in his dream; 
    Borne by great and continuous love, he would render 
    All acts of service, as desired by the devotees.        (4112) 


                                                  Idangkazhi Nayanar - The Puranam of Idangkazhi Nayanar


5.     He so ruled that the Saivite way flourished 
    Along with the dharmic way of the Vedas; for this, 
    In increasing splendour he caused the performance 
    Of poojas as ordained  in the Saivaagamas in all the temples 
    Where the blue-throated Lord abides aeviternally; 
    Thus he flourished in great and ever-increasing glory.        (4113) 
6.     One day, a subject in his realm who was endowed 
    With the tapas of feeding Lord Sankara’s serviteurs, 
    Could not come by the provision for preparing 
    A nectarean meal to Siva’s serviteur; when thus stumped, 
    Without knowing what he was doing by reason of his  
    Spiralling desire (to feed the Lord’s servitor),        (4114) 
7.     At dead of night he broke into the king’s granary 
    Situate within the many-walled and well-guarded 
    Promptuary where heaps and heaps of paddy were kept 
    Stored in rows, and started removing some paddy; 
    The guards who kept watch during the night 
    And who announced the passage of time by beat of drums, 
    Apprehended him and brought him before the king.        (4115) 
8.     When the spear-wielding king (in his court) questioned 
    The tapaswi-devotee, he replied thus: “I did this as I was 
    Stymied in all my efforts to feed the servitor of our Lord, 
    The Father.” When he so spake, the king grew exceedingly 
    Compassionate, released him and said: “Lo, he indeed 
    Is a treasure unto me.”                        (4116) 
9.     Feeling contrite, the king would come by the fruit 
    Of his riches, caused his drummers to announce thus 
    Everywhere: “The servitors of the Lord are free to carry 
    Away not only paddy but other riches too from the royal 
    And limitless treasury and promptuary.”                (4117) 
10.     With all his consciousness and in love, he allowed 
    His immense and limitless treasury to be looted, 
    As it were, by the Lord’s servitors, and felt 
    Delighted; he caused the flourishing of the way 
    Of they Holy Ash by his rule of grace -- cool and serene--, 
    Over the earth for many years and then he reached 
    The umbrage of the Lord’s flower-feet.                (4118) 
11.     Adoring the ankleted feet of Idangkazhiyaar, 
    Great and glorious in his adoration of the traditional 
    Servitorship unto the beauteously blue-throated Lord, 
    We proceed to narrate the divine servitorship 
    Of Serutthunaiyaar, the tapaswi who valued not 
    Aught as superior to the way of the Lord, 
    The Granter of salvation true.                    (4119) 
Verse No. 
   1.    Konaadu: This formed part of the old Pudukkottai state. 
   2.    Kodumpaaloor: The capital of Konaadu. 
   7.    A servitor of Siva who had vowed to feed Atiyaar regularly, would  
    indulge in dicing and even larceny, on occasions.  Tirumangkai  
    Aazhwar took to way-laying. 
   8.    As the king himself was a servitor of Siva, he viewed the criminal  
    before him with extreme devotion and compassion. 
            Here ends the Puranam of Idangkazhi Naayanaar 
Sincere thanks to Sri. T N Ramachandran of thanjavur, for permitting his English rendering of the holy text periyapurANam be published here.

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