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The God By Means Of Agastyar Taught Narkiran Purity Of Grammar

Narkiran, reflecting that his cure was obtained in the lotus tank, bathed in it afterwards three times every day, paying each time his homage to the god. The goddess one day suggested to her lord, that as this was a great devotee, it would be expedient to teach him the rules of elegant composition, of which he was yet ignorant; and that this might be done by means of the father of the Tamil language, the sage Agastyar, (whom the god at a former period had desired not to come from the southern mountain, called Potheiya, to Kailasa, in the north, because by doing so the inclination of the earth's surface would be altered and its balance destroyed; but to remain in the south, whither the god would come to be married in which place Agastyar might safely be present). The god consented to the suggestion of Minatchi; and calling Agastyar, bid him instruct Narkiran. In consequence of this instruction, Narkiran became very skilful; corrected his own rough spontaneous effusions, and those of others, making them elegant compositions; and taught his fellow-poets the like rules; by which means the Tamil language became well modelled. It occurred to the goddess afterwards to ask her lord, why he chose to instruct Narkiran by means of Agastyar, and not immediately himself, seeing he knew all the rules of grammar so well? The god replied, "That as there would have been an incongruity in his teaching a person who had once so grievously, though ignorantly, offended, he had preferred effecting the result through the medium of Agastyar." The goddess on receiving this information was satisfied.


ilakkaNa upathEsam



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