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The God Made The Twelve Pigs Ministers Of State To The Pandian King

In consequence of the god having nourished the young pigs they grew up, while remaining at the before-mentioned hillock, endued with a splendour of learning like the brilliancy of the sun when it rises. The god now appeared in a dream to the Pandian king, and said, 'Near to the pig-mount there are twelve rare animals, take them and make them ministers of state." The king, being joyful, announced this intelligence to his ministers, and by their means called the ministers elect to his presence. When they were come, the king preferred them over the heads of the former ministers; and the new employees, by their great skill and sagacity, procured the king ample revenues, and made the kingdom illustrious; while they were also liberal in gifts and deeds of charity. After thus flourishing a while they were called to the presence of Siva, and made partakers of his happiness.


pandrikuttikaLai mandrikaLAkkiya padalam



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