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The God Nourished Certain Motherless Young Pigs, And Endowed Them Partially With The Human Form

On the south bank of the river Vaigai, at some distance from Madura, there was an ancient place called Guruvirunthathurai, where Indran, with other immortals, and Vihalabagavan, (Brihaspati) had done penance. The great Vishnu also performed penance there; and a temple arose to him under the name of Sittiratera-valluver. In that town there was a Vellalan, named Sucilan, and his wife was called Sucili. They had twelve children, who, neglecting their father's and mother's instructions, joined themselves with hunters, imitated their cruel practices, and ran about in the woods. One day they came to a retreat where a holy man was going through retired austerities, at whom they laughed, and taking up stones and sand threw these upon him. Being thus disturbed in his devotions, he said, 'You shall be born as young pigs, and afterwards be without a mother." The urchins, trembling and afraid fell at his feet and implored mercy; by reason of which his anger was appeased, and he said, " The Mathurai-naicker shall come and nourish you, make you ministers of state, and afterwards give you beatitude." Thus it happened for the boys died in the woods, and their spirits entered into twelve young pigs while yet unborn. After their birth, it happened that the king of Madura went out on a large hunting party with a great retinue, and came to this forest. A fierce encounter followed; which, as a result, left the young pigs without father or mother; while the king's minister was also slain. The bodies of the two pigs in time became a hillock, where many rishis performed penance. Several disciples of the sage Agastyar asked him how this occrred? when, in reply, he stated the foregoing circumstances; and added, "that as the young animals were wandering about without food, and in danger of perishing, the god, who is the common mother of all living souls, took compassion on them, went out to the forest, and taking up the young animals, gave them milk in the form of a mother; by which they obtained strength and grew, endued with great wisdom and learning, having the human form only with the exception of pig's faces." The goddess, wondering at such an appearance, asked the god, 'Did you nourish these beings?" To which the god replied, "How was it possible that I could refuse compassion; is there anyone who can save such as have committed great sins except myself? Here I nourished them with milk, and endued them with learning and wisdom as you see." The goddess made no observation, but was much astonished.


siva feeding to pig calf


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