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When The Bench Of Learned Brahmins Were Disagreed Concerning The Merits Of Different Books, The God, By Means Of A Dumb Child, Settled The Difference

The forty-eight members of the college of Brahmins had each one composed a book, and each one vaunting the merits of his own composition, a dispute arose among them as to superiority. To settle this dispute, they went to the presence of the god and implored his intervention. He replied, "There is the son of a very rich merchant, of handsome form, yet dumb; he shall settle your differences." The learned men again submitted to the god, how one who was dumb could possibly effect what was required. The god replied, "That when a chant was perfect, the hairs on the dumb man's head and arms should stand erect; and when a chant had merit, he should merely move his head with an expression of approval. The dumb person was accordingly taken to the college, where the authors severally recited their compostitions. In some, the language was good; and in others, the subject was good; and to these the dumb man assented by nodding his head. But the composition of Kavilen, Paranen, and Narkiran, were indicated to be perfect, both in language and in matter. Thus the doubts and difficulties of the college were adjusted; and the members went on harmoniously together.




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