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The God Gave To The Minstrel Pattiren, A Golden Board To Sit Upon


The minstrel Pattiren was regularly accustomed, subsequent to receiving the Tirumukum, to attend to his duty in the temple three times a day, and always stood immediately behind the stone image of the bullock, (which always is in front of Siva temples,) whence he chanted the praises of the deity. It occurred to the god, in the course of his sacred diversions, to prove to everyone the steady devotedness of Pattiren, notwithstanding every possible impediment. To this end he sent a thick and dark rain, in the midst of which lightings flashed, and thunders were heard; and the rain itself was as if the sea were taken up and poured down in torrents. Pattiren, undismayed, and considering this rain to be as when the gods sprinkle flowers on the earth, went through it at the regular time, and taking his station behind the bullock image, applied his vina, or lute, to his shoulder, tuned the strings, and chanted as usual; nor did he cease, though the strings became wet and relaxed by the rain, and though he suffered in his own person from the water beneath, and rain from above. At length the god, compassionating his votary, extended a golden board, richly jewelled, and a celestial voice was heard saying, 'Take this board, and chant from it." Pattiren received the command with reverence, and getting up on the board, stood on it, and continued his strains of sweet and modulated melody until the rain had departed and the stars appeared. He then retired to his dwellings carrying the board with him.


palakai itta padlam



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