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The Destroying Of The Striped Serpent Sent By The Chamanals (Jains)

While Anantaguna-Pandian was reigning, the beads, ashes, and other tokens of the Saiva religion, were everywhere visible, by reason of his patronage. The Chamanals, being moved with envy, made a great sacrifice, out of the fire which an asuran, in the form of a striated serpent, proceeded, which they sent to devour and destroy the inhabitants of Madura. On its approach the king besought Siva, who gave him permission to kill it; and on its coming to the western gate the Pandian dispatched several arrows, which the serpent broke to pieces; but at length one arrow, shaped in the form of a crescent, penetrated the serpent, which vomited a great deal of poison, by the pestilential effects of which many people of the town died. On this evil occurring, the Pandian besought the god Siva to sprinkle a few drops of ambrosial water from his hair on the place, which request being granted, the pestilence disappeared; and the king reigned prosperously over his people.


destroying the serpent


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