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The God's Nandi Conquers The Cow Sent By The Chamanals

When the Chamanals found that Anantaguna-Pandian had killed the serpent, they were very angry and consulting together said, "If we send a cow, they will be afraid to kill that." Wherefore making a sacrifice, an asuran in the shape of a cow came forth, which they went, saying, "Go and destroy Madura." There upon it proceeded, raising the dust, and in great rage; hearing which the Pandian went and besought the god, asking what he should do. The God, addressing Nandi, the bullock vehicle, said, "Go and conquer the cow." On which the bullock set out, richly caparisoned, and with great impetuosity; and on meeting the cow assaulted it with his horns, but the cow, becoming bewildered, was changed into a mountain, and the bullock, enlarging its size, became also a mountain alongside. But it afterwards, in a slender form, returned to the god? and was received with applauses, in which Parvati joined. Soon after, Rama (Rama-Chandren) came with Sugriven, Anuman, and his forces, to these mountains, on his progress towards Lanca. The sage Agastyar then came to him, and explained to him the legend of these mountains; whereon he went to Madura and worshipped the god. On his return from the conquest of Ravana, bringing his consort Sita with him, he again passed by this way, and after paying honors to the god went back to Ayodhya; and after a time returned with his consort to Vaicundam. Meantime, Anantaguna-Pandian having, by the favor of the god, received a son, named Kulopushana-Pandian, he had his son crowned, and he himself died.





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