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The God, Coming As The Maternal Uncle Of A Merchant, Settled A Dispute

At Madura, in the oil-monger's street, there lived a merchant, named Dhanapathi, and his wife's name was Saeili. They were prosperous, but childless; and consequently he brought up the son of his younger sister as his own son. At length, considering that to be without a child would be injurious to him, both in this world and the next, he delivered over all his property to his foster child, and himself with his wife set out on a pilgrimage to Casi (or Benares). But his relations forcibly deprived the child of the property, and its mother taking it to the temple there implored the compassion of Suntaresvarer, as the common father of manking. While sleeping in the temple, the god appeared in a dream, and assured her that he would come and effect a restoration of the property, and directed her to appeal to the king. She accordingly went to the relatives, and told them to come before the council; but they mocked her, beat her , and turned her out of doors. She went about the streets saying, "Is there no justice, no king, no god." When one like Dhanapathi (the merchant) came, took the child up in his lap, and inquired where were the different jewels and ornaments usually worn by the children of the wealthy; to which the reply was that the relations had taken them away. On this the apparent merchant effected an appeal to the king's council, but the relatives denied that this could possibly be Dhanapathi. However, on their specifying the marks of a personal kind by which he might be identified it was found by the council that he was not an impostor. In consequence the relations became afraid of punishment; and by various pleas, excused themselves from further appearance. Hence the council formally decreed to restore all the property to the child; and when the decree was completed the merchant disappeared. They now, with astonishment, recognised the interposition of the god, and informed the king, who restored all the goods as decreed. Besides, he did many good actions, and gave presents to the temple. Suntaresvara patha sekara Pandian thus rules some time, and after causing his son, Varaguna Pandian to be crowned, he fell at the feet of the god and enjoyed that beneficiation which knows no change.


siva coming as a uncle


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