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The God Gave A Stock Of Paddy To A Vellalan

There was a Vellalan, named Nallan, whose wife was very devout, and often insisted much on the property and reasonableness of feeding the followers of the god. But both were in considerable straits and difficulties even for their own support. After suffering hunger for some days, the man said, 'We shall never have sufficient for our own livelihood and preservation, unless we feed the servants of the god." At his suggestion both himself and wife went to the temple, where, with affection, they performed the usual ceremonies; and among other things ventured to say, "It is better that we should be released from the burden of this body than remain thus." On which prayer being offered, a celestial voice was heard, saying, " I have placed in your cottage a heap of rice, which you will find to be inexhaustible. Take from it what is necessary to your own support, and give what you please to my servants." They accordingly returned home; and seeing the rice continued very bountifully to feed the Brahmins, the temple servants, and other needy people; using also as much as they required for themselves; thus they lived on the earth long and happily; and afterwards joined the pure beings in the world of Siva.


ulavAkkOttai padalam


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