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Recalling Malayadhwaja From The Dead

And Translation Of Kanjana-Malai

On the banks of the said tank the god made a flower garden, and when there one day, said to his wife, "Why does not your foster-mother bathe?" On this being reported the elder lady enquired of learned men the most meritorious mode of bathing. They replied, "It must be either by taking hold of the hand of a husband, or a child, or of a cow's tail." On this reply being given she became greatly afflicted, having neither husband, nor child. Her foster-daughter reported this grief to the god, who, by an act of volition, brought back Malaya-dwaja-Pandian from the paradise of Indra, and the shade, on coming, presented his respects to the god. Kanjana-malai hearing the arrival of her former husband, came adorned with jewels, and both bathed in the tank; after which they saw the god, and a heavenly chariot appeared in which both husband and wife were together carried above the worlds and the paradise of Indra, safe into the heaven of Siva.


recalling malaiyathuvajan


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