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The Incarnation Of Subramanyan In The Form Of Ukrama-Pandian

One day the aforesaid Tadatha-kai came to her husband, and said, "You have assembled the seven seas, and have procured the beatification of my reputed parents; but now it occurs to me that it is not worthy after your reign that the Pandian race should become extinct through want of issue." The god, whose height and depth Brahma and Vishnu could not discover, reflecting that he had caused his wife (Parvati) to become incarnate in the person of Thadatha-kai, and had now himself reigned a long time as Sundereswarer, considered it was not right to leave the Pandian race without offspring; and by a simple volition he produced in due time the birth of his son Subramanyan, in the form of a child bearing the resemblance of Siva: which event occurred on Monday, in the Tiruvathirai-nakshatram, when the planet Jupiter was in the most fortunate station of a good house, (astrological term); while the four vedas were chanted, and musical instruments sounded, and the demi gods showered down flowers. On hearing the


incarnate of ukkirapandian

news all kings and people came and made congratulations on the event, gave presents to the town, and according to the Vedas, cast the child's nativity (horoscope), gave the child the name of Ukrama-Pandian, and the child was afterwards instructed in all suitable accomplishments by Vihala-bagavan (Brihaspati) the preceptor of the gods. When the son came to years of discretion, the father, hearing the fame of his great acquirements and excellent temper, told his ministers it was time to have him installed, or anointed as king, to which counsel they agreed and were very joyful.



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