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The Sittar Gave Sugarcane To The Stone-Elephant.


But still feeling a curiosity to see the Sittar, the king went, accompanied by his retinue, as though he would visit the temple, and there he met with the performer. In reply to enquiries from the king, the Sittar said, that he went about as he pleased, though more accustomed to be in Kasi; that he had displayed various feats in Chidambaram and other places, and here (at Madura) especially; that he wanted nothing from the king; for though such men as might perform a few feats would receive offered royal rewards, yet he who could perform all things desired nothing. At this time a villager brought a sugar-cane and the king, expressing doubt, said pointing to a


stone-elephant eating the sugarcane

stone elephant sculptured on the tower of the temple, "If you can make that elephant eat this sugar-cane, then I shall admit that you can do all things, and must be our god Sunderesvarer." On this request being made the Sittar glanced a side look at the elephant, which immediately gave signs of life; took the proffered sugar-cane from the hands of the king and ate it, and not being content with that, took the garland of pearls from the king's neck, and put it into his mouth. While the peons were busy in attempting to scare the elephant, the king fell at the feet of the Sittar, worshipping him; who then looked again at the elephant, which immediately restored the string of pearls to the king. The Pandian then received many gifts from the Sittar; and after causing his son, Vicrama-Pandian, to be crowned, he (Abhishega-Pandian) attained the lotus-feet of the god; (that is, he died).


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