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Sundaresar Condescended To Assume The Form Of A Religious Ascetic


It pleased the god to come to Madura in the form of a Sittar, with all the usual accompaniments of that order. he walked the royal and brahmin streets, and performed various wonders. He brought distant mountains near, and removed near ones far off. He made old females to become young children, and children to become old women. He changed the sexes; he made the barren fruitful; the hump-backed, the deaf, the dumb, the blind, the lame, he severally healed. He turned four metals into gold; he made the rich become poor; and made enemies to be friends. He caused the yetti (poisonous shrub) to produce mangoes; and brought a flood in the river Vaigai. He turned fresh water into salt water, and made salt water fresh. He threw a pilgrim's staff into the air, threaded a cotton through it, and then, resting his head on the cotton thread, performed the attitude of penance, (heels upward) the staff remaining in the air. He took clouds into his hands, and well wringing them, appeared to drink the water they contained. He caused things seen in the night (such as the stars) to be seen in the day, and things visible in the day to be seen at night. He taught the Vedas to things which could not understand them. He turned coconut trees into palmyra trees, and then the reverse; changed the species of other trees; and brought celestial things down to earth. While thus occupying the attention of the people, so that they neglected their employments, the Pandian, hearing of the circumstances sent his ministers to call the performer of these wonders; they did so respectfully; but the Sittar said, "What are kings to me?" and refused to go. The king on hearing of his refusal only replied, " What have the great (in a religious sense) to do with us?" and remained quiet.


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