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On The Chera King Making War, Both He And The Pandian Fell Into The Lotus Tank, From Which The Pandian Was Rescued


After Raja-purantara-Pandian had obtained beatification, his son was named Rajesa Pandian, whose son was Raja-kembira Pandian; his son was Pandian vamasadeva Pandian; his son was Purantara sitten; and his son was Pandia vamasapathagen; concerning whom nothing particular is recorded. The son of the latter was Suntaresvara-patha sekara Pandian, who while reigning manifested great regard for the Saivas, established an army, built pagoda-towers and choultries and the jewels to the god. At this time the Chera king, who was styled "Commander of a thousand horse," knowing the feebleness of the Pandian's army, set out on an invasion. The Pandian was informed of the circumstance, and was afterwards promised victory by a celestial voice. The Pandian set out with his troops, which, though few, by favour of the god appeared as though they were a great multitude; and the god on horseback, in the guise of a hunter, advanced with the vel (a kind of spear) in his hand, and said to Cheran, " You are styled commander of a thousand horse, now I am commander of an immense multitude of cavalry; find me out some equal for combat." On this challenge being given Cheran fled; but the god having disappeared, he turned, and losing fear, again advanced on Madura. The Pandian in turn became afraid and fled, but as there were numerous tanks filled with the lotus flowers concealing the water, to the west of the fort, the Pandian and his troops fell into these; and Cheran and his troops in pursuit also fell into the tanks. From this awkward situation the Pandian and his people were delivered by the favour of Siva; and Cheran with his people perished. The Pandian then took the spoils of the vanquished' returned to his city in triumph; and prospered for a long time.


chOzhanai maduvil vIzhththuthal



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