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The God Punished The Guilty Disciple, By Killing Him


While Kulothunga-Pandian ruled, there came a learned man to the place, skilful in science. In consequence of his celebrity, a young man sought permission to become his disciple, and being accepted, became at last equal to his master. The evil thought entered his mind of killing his aged preceptor and carrying off the latter's wife. While the preceptor was absent he made some overtures, but was repulsed by the wife, she being a chaste one. In consequence he determined on violent proceedings, and the god, knowing his evil designs, resolved to punish him. Accordingly, assuming the shape of the aged preceptor, he came and challenged the disciple to fight; which the latter joyfully accepted, as promising an easy conquest and success in his designs. Accordingly both combatants met the next day, fully armed, and a contest began, which lasted for ten days, to the great surprise of the town's people. At length the aged combatant cut out the younger one's tongue, cut out his eyes, and cut off his head, and then disappeared. The people crying out. "Where is the aged conqueror?" ran to his house and were informed by his wife that he had gone to the temple. On finding him there, they asked how he could have passed unseen through their midst? He replied, it was not he who had fought, but Sundaresvarer. The king hearing of these circumstances gave valuable presents to the man and his wife; and after crowning his son Anantaguna-Pandian, he went to the presence of the god; (that is, he died).




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