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Saiva Siddhantas in English

Shaiva Siddhantas

  • Saiva Siddhanta - Satchidanandam Pillai
  • Saiva Siddhanta - Paranjoti
  • Sivajnana Botham - Metaphysics of Saiva Siddhanta - PDF  - Thiruvilankar Canagarayar
  • Characteristics of the Studies of Tamil Saiva Siddhanta
  • The Dravida Maha Bashya of Sivagnana Yogi - PDF

An Outline of Shivagnanabodham - PDF  - S. Shivapadasundaram

Thiruvarutpayan  Translated with Notes and Introduction by J. M. Nallaswami Pillai

Rudra as an Embodiment of Divine Ambivalence in the Satarudriya Stotram by J. Bruce Long

The Role of the Saivagamas in the Saiva Ritual System by Jean Filliozat

The Souls - Their Relation to Brahman by L.D. Dikshit

The Nenju Vidu Thoothu in Translation by Sekkizhar Adi-p-Podi T.N. Ramachandran

The Nenju Vidu Thoothu in Translation by Mariasusai Dhavamony

Vishnu and Rudra - Siva by J. Gonda

Saivism of the Tamils by A.L. Basham

The Key of Knowledge OR The Fundamental Experiences Of The Sanctified in Spirit by Sir P.Ramanathan

Siva Bhakti by Nicol Macnicol

Tamil Saints by J. Estiln Carpenter

Bronzes and Siva Worship by Sir P. Arunachalam

An Interpretative Translation of the Twelve Sutras of the Siva-Gnaana-Bodham by T.N. Ramachandran

Sivagnanabhotham by H.A. Popley

Saiva Siddhanta or Suddha-Advaita by A. Raghava Aiyar

Knowledge And Conduct According to Saiva Siddhanta by A. Raghava Aiyar

Hindu Devotional Literature in Tamil by G.E. Phillips

The Saiva Siddhantam : An Outline of Its Main Doctrines by A.C. CLAYTON

Studies in Saiva Siddhanta - PDF  J.M. Nallaswami Pillai

The Saiva Siddhantam : Is it of dravidian origin by Francis Kingsbury

Thiruvarutpayan English explanation by G.U. Pope

Sivagnanabodham English explanation part-1 by J.M. Nallaswami Pillai - English Translation

Sivagnanabodham English explanation part-2 by J.M. Nallaswami Pillai - English Translation

Sivagnanapotham  - English Translation

Siva Prakasha Kattalai  - English Translation

Meykanta Sastra - The "Unmai Vilakkam"

A Key To Sivagnana-Bodha

Sivagyana Sittiyar - Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy

Siva Boga Saram of Gurunyanasambandhar with English translation ( PDF format )

Sivagnana Siddhiyar - Parapaksham

Sivagnana Siddhiyar - Supaksham Translation by JM Nallasamy Pillai

Sivagyana Siddhiyar  Supaksham  Translation by Sivaramaiyar   



Light of Truth (Or) Unmai Vilakkam

Vina Venpa in English

Irupa Irupathu (Saiva Siddhanta Text)

Light of True Path (Translation of Unmai Neri Vilakkam - Shaiva Siddhanta Text)

Saiva Siddhanta Tatva Prakasam Catechism

Saiva Siddhantas Translated to English

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