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The History of Vayilar Nayanar

In the pallava kingdom which was a kingdom for wisdom, is the town mayilAppUr (mayilai, mayilApuri) which is now part of the big city chennai . The place where thiru nyAna champan^dhar brought the girl pUmpAvai back to life from her ashes by the grace of Lord shiva.

                                                            Vayilar Nayanar - The History of Vayilar Nayanar

The ripples in the sea appear to bring pearl in huge quantities. The red rising Sun in the sky will appear as the kumkum on the forehead of women. The white moon in the sky appear to be anointing with the milk of its rays the temple of the Lord who is propitiated by the milk and other four subatances from cow. The sound of the human tides that come to pray in His temple appear to overpower the sound of the ocean. The formless Lord, in that temple appear in the form of symbol for the benefit of creatures.


In that town came the yOgi called vAyilAr to give fame for that old tradition called vAyilAr . His life is an example for the hymn of thirun^Avukkarachar in which he says " For the Lord of thiruvaiyARu there is no temple other than the minds of the servants who serve Him; love Him; prostrate in front of Him." vAyilAr built that attractive temple for the Lord who is attractive in spite of the He being simple with snakes and skulls as the ornaments.


He built that temple out of his non-forgetting thinking and brought the God in the altar; his feeling of that First Relative became the bright light that illuminates the altar and chases away the gloom; the eternal bliss became the scented water to anoint the Almighty; for that Lord of justice his love was the offering; his service was the songs of praise for that shankar . With his heart blossom and flourish in that prayer, he involved in the Eldest with the completeness of his offering that comes out of his flawless love everyday.


The ultimate goal of the devotee would be to involve himself completely in that bliss called shiva. A devotee with that involvement is in the state of liberation and he will aspire for nothing further. The yOga of vAyilAr's internal worship continued without any break. He attained the greatest prize that all the yOgis look for - merging the holy feet of the Greatest Yogi who sits in the shade of the Banyan tree. Let the greaGreatest Yogi who sits in the shade of the Banyan tree. Let the greatness of the internal worship of vAyilAr n^AyanAr stay in the mind.

                                                                 maRavAmai yAn_amaiththa manakkOyil uLLiruththi	  uRavAdhi thanaiyuNarum oLiviLakkuch chudaRERRi	  iRavAdha Anandham enunthirumany  chanamAtti	  aRavANark kanbennum amudhamaiththrch chanaicheyvAr

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