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The History of Thiruarur Pirantharkal


 Thiruarur Pirantharkal - The History of Thiruarur Pirantharkal

thiruvArUr born devotees. The holy place where the Lord who blesses being form and formless sits pleasantly with His consort umA in His divine Mercy for the creatures is thiruvArUr. thiruvArUr hosted the dhEvAchiriyam where the true devotees of the Lord shiva assembled in the spiritual discussions. The place being the one that kindles ones spiritual progress towards the Blissful rudra, the people born there controlling their five senses, involving in the service of the Spear Holding Lord, converging the mind on Him are blessed devotees. Let the devotion and inspiration thiruvArUrp piRan^dhArkaL n^AyanAr attained by their sincerity and the grace of the Lord in the Anthill stay in the mind.

                                                                      aruvAgi uruvAgi anaiththumAy ninRapirAn ,     maruvAruN kuzalumaiyAL maNavALan makizndharuLum ,     thiruvArUrp piRandhArkaL thiruththoNdu therindhuNara ,     oruvAyAl chiRiyEnAl uraikkalAn thakaimaiyadhO

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