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The History of Paramanaiye Paduvar


   Paramanaiye Paduvar Nayanar - The History of Paramanaiye Paduvar

The singers of the Supreme. They sing the Lord who dances sourcing the music to that rhythm, who plays the vEdhAs in the vINa, who is the Source of sound itself and who reveals Himself as the Absolute sound of praNava. The unending glory of the End and Originless God, the Fast pleased, the Enlightening Supreme Luminance, the Showerer of boons, the Simple Lord adorned with nature, the Complex One to explore, the unseen by the outward senses, the Charm that completely conquers the sight, they sing in unified thoughts. The hymns in thamiz, saMskR^itam and other languages praising the Grace of Lord shiva that they sing with the complete involvement of their body, mind and mouth with the spirit of love. Let the musical meditation of paramanaiyE pAduvAr n^AyanAr stay in the mind.

                                                                          thenRamizum vadakalaiyum thEchikamum pEchuvana ,     manRinidai nadampuriyum vaLLalaiyE poruLAka ,     onRiyamey yuNarvOdum uLLurugip pAduvAr ,     panRiyudan putkANAp paramanaiyE pAduvAr

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